• Computing Machine

    Computing Machine
    The Computing Clock, a mechanic multiplication machine, was invented by Wilhelm Schickard. It was an early computing machine. Our computers are still compiting machines, and this was one of the first.
  • Typewriter

    William Austin Burt patents the first typewriter. It was the first writing machine. Typewriters were like computers for wrinting essays a generation ago.
  • Boolean Algebra

    Boolean Algebra
    George Boole invents Boolean Algebra. It helps run computers.
  • Magnetic Recording

    Magnetic Recording
    Invention of magnetic recording. Helps computers' memories.
  • Silicon Chip

    Silicon Chip
    Invention of the silicon chip. Silicon chips help with computer processing.
  • Computer Game

    Computer Game
    The first computer game was invented. Computer games do not benefit society, but many people spend lots of time on computers just for games.
  • Invention of the mouse.

    Invention of the mouse.
    The invention of the computer mouse helped simplify accessing files.
  • Email

    Ray Tomlinson invented email, something now used by many companies and almost everyone with internet.
  • Portable Computer

    Portable Computer
    Altair made the first portable computer. Most people now use laptops making this very important.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    Tim Berners-Lee develops HTML. The World Wide Web is born. Most people use computers for internet.