Computer Technology History

  • The Invention/Dvelopment of the Internet

    The Invention/Dvelopment of the Internet
    The internet is a cyber connection between multiple users.
    I chose this because the internet has provided ways for millions of people to communicate. It has improved the way of life for millions.
  • Touchscreen Technology

    Touchscreen Technology
    Touchscreen computers of all sorts are now available. This is a big step because now there is no need for a mouse or all the cords usually associated with them.
    These types of computers use a stylus or the hand or finger as a mouse.
  • Laptop was Invented

    Laptop was Invented
    Laptops are computers that are made for use in places other than a desk top. Basically it is a portable desktop computer that you can work on from you lap anywhere you are.
    I chose this as a milestone because it provided a way for people to accomplish things in less time because they did not have to leave their work at home they can carry it around with them basically anywhere.
  • Wireless Computer Appliances are Invented

    Wireless Computer Appliances are Invented
    Specifically the wireless mouse was invented in 1991. These appliances made it easier to manuever around the house but still control computers. They make life convenient.
    Wireless appliances are input/output devices that connect to computers without cords.
  • Flash Drives are Invented

    Flash Drives are Invented
    Flash drives are portable storage units for computer files.
    I chose this because without flash drives whole histories could have been lost. The ability to store files including pictures on a universal device makes it easier to share things.