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Computer Science Through the Decades

  • ACE Computer

    ACE Computer
    Alan Turing's ACE computer executes its first program. It is considered the first programable computer.
  • IBM 650 Produced

    IBM 650 Produced
    The IBM 650 was the worlds first mass produced computer. Over 2000 were sold between its release in 1954 and its cancellation in 1962.
  • IBM Develops the 305 RAMAC

    IBM Develops the 305 RAMAC
    IBM created the first computer hard drive capable of storing memory. It could hold the capacity of 5 mb and cost about 1,000,000 dollars.
  • The First Integrated Circuit

    The First Integrated Circuit
    Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce of Texas Instruments produce the first functioning Integrated Circuit.
  • Release of the PDP-1

    Release of the PDP-1
    DEC introduces the first computer with a monitor and keyboard, and for only 120,000 dollars!
  • Spacewar!

    Steve Russell and several other MIT grad students create what is widely considered to be the first computer-based videogame.
  • Homemade Computer

    Homemade Computer
    Tom Dingwall (Brother of Ann Wittbrodt) builds a computer in the basement of his house.
  • Intel

    Intel is founded in Mountain View, California by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce.
  • First Programming Language

    First Programming Language
    Niklaus Wirth finishes development on one of the first structured programming language, PASCAL, which was a popular language for introductory programming courses.
  • Intel 4004 Processor

    Intel 4004 Processor
    Intel develops the first mass-produced microprocessor, this feat was made possible by the development of silicon gate technology.
  • Beginnings of Apple

    Beginnings of Apple
    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack begin to construct computers in the Jobs' family garage.
  • Beginnings of Microsoft

    Beginnings of Microsoft
    Young hackers, Bill Gates and Paul Allen offer to build a basic compliance system for MITS, this is the start of what would become Microsoft.
  • IBM Hires Microsoft

    IBM Hires Microsoft
    IBM hired Microsoft to develop an operating system. MS-DOS was released with IBM computers starting in 1982.
  • Apple Milestone

    Apple Milestone
    By the end of 1981 over 120,000 Apple computers have been sold.
  • First domain name

    First domain name from the now defunct computer company Symbolics Inc. registered the first internet domain name.
  • Windows is Released

    Windows is Released
    Microsoft releases the Windows 1.0 operating system. It wasn't as succesful as the original Mac OS but would eventually come to dominate the market.
  • WWW

    Tim Berners-Lee creates HTML, along with HTTP and URL, he would write the first prototype for the world wide web.
  • Toy Story

    Toy Story
    Toy Story is released in theaters. It is the first feature length film that is completely computer generated.
  • Google

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin found Google in Mountain View. It will soon become a dominating force in the internet world.
  • Y2K

    As a result of computers inability to express dates past 1999, technology will go haywire and the world will be thrown into a primitive state. This did not happen.
  • Playstation 2

    Playstation 2
    The playstation 2 is released. It is the most succesful video game console of all time, and was the keystone of my childhood.
  • Ipod

    Apple releases the first generation ipod, a revolution in music that will become the greatest personal music device in history.
  • TheFacebook

    Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg creates TheFacebook. It becomes one of the fastest growing and most used websites in history, and also becomes the King of Procrastination.
  • The iPhone

    The iPhone
    Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone, a revolution in both cellphone and computer technology.
  • Robot Surgery

    Robot Surgery
    The first all-robotic surgery is performed in a hospital in montreal.
  • Jeopardy

    Watson, an IBM supercomputer, defeats the two best Jeopardy players with a score higher than the two humans combined.