Computer Pioneers

  • Ada Lovelace is born, First programmer

    The first known programmer
  • Charles Babbage

    "Father of the Computer" . In 1822 began developing the first computer.
  • John Atanasoff

    Atanasoff creates the first electronic digital computer.
  • Bill Gates creates microsoft

    MIcrosoft is created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  • Steve Jobs creates Apple

    Steve Jobs creates Apple, one of the biggest companies in the world.
  • Adam Osborne

    Osborne creates the first Laptop changing the computer world
  • Mark Zuckerberg Founded Apple

    Mark Zuckeberg and 4 friends create Facebook, changing social media.
  • Jack Dorsey and Co, create twitter

    Jack Dorsey and some friends create Twitter, also changing social media as they know it.