computer pioneers

  • John Atanasoff

    First electronic digital computer
    Attended Iowa State University
  • Grace Hopper

    Learn more about Grace HEREBorn on 12-9-1906 Death 1-1-1992
    Compiling data for programming languages
    U.S. Navy
  • Konrad Zuse

    Born june 22,1910 death December 19,1995
    First programable computer
    Wrote a book
  • Alan Turing

    Born 6-23-1912 Death 6-7-1954
    Code breaking
    Committed suicide
  • Jean Sammet

    Born 3-28-1928
    Developed FORMAC programming language
    Unable to attend nice schools becuase she is a women
  • Philip Estridge

    developed IBM personal computer
    Worked for NASA
  • Barbara LIskov

    Born 11-7-1939
    Top women at MIT
  • Alan Kay

    Born 5-17-1940
    Dynabook- user friendly computers
    Jazz music
  • Vinton Cerf

    Learn more on Vinton Cerf HEREFather of the internet
    chairmen of ICANN
  • J. Presper Eckert & John Mauchly

    Eckert -1919-1995
    Mauchly -1937-1980
    Developed the ENIAC in 1946
    American military sponsored their research
  • Steve Wozniak

    Shop at Apple HEREBorn 8-11-1950
    net worth 150 million dollars
  • Steve Jobs

    Learn more about Pixar2-24-1965 10-5-11
  • James Gosling

    What is JavaBorn May 19, 1955
    Java programing language
    PhD in computer science
  • Tim Berners-Lee

    World Wide Web
    knighted by Queen Elizabeth
  • Robert Morris

    Born 11-8-1965
    American computer scientist
    Created Morris worm