Computer History

  • Period: to

    Computer History

  • Babbage's Analytical Engine is created

  • Hollerith punch cards first used in Census

  • Hewlett-Packard is founded

  • ENIAC first used with ~20,000 vacuum tubes

    Was meant to solve large numerical problems, known as the "Giant Brain".
  • Kilby & Noyce invent the Integrated Circuit (aka the chip)

  • The microchip market hits $4 million

  • Intel is founded

  • IBM releases the floppy disk

  • Xerox creates the mouse

  • Altair 8800 is released

    Considered the first computer with a mircoprocessor
  • Apple is formed

  • IBM is founded and releases their first home (personal) computer

  • IBM put DOS on all of its PC's

  • Apple creates Lisa, the first PC with a GUI

  • Windows is launched