Computer History

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    Computer History

  • HP 200a Oscillator

    This computor was very good at graphics. Disney ordered eight for it's movie "Fantasy"
  • Zuse 3

    This computer was good at calculations and you could type on it
  • Whirlwind

    This machine was used for training American Navy pilots.
  • Colossus

    Used to break Lorenz cipher during WW2

    This machine was used for calculations and typing.
  • Manchester Mark 1

    Machine for remembering calculations and documents
  • MIT Whirlwind

    Machine for remembering things (2048 16-digit words, 32768 letters)
  • IBM 701

    First electronic computer, research and government business
  • SAGE

    Linking US and Canadian radios, used light gun as a mouse.
  • CDC 6600

    3,000,000 instructions per second, three times faster than IBM Stretch

    200 million instructions per second
  • Nova Minicomputer

    32 kilobytes of memory for $8000
  • Kenbak 1

    First personal computer
  • Alto

    First work station with built-in mouse input
  • Apple 1

    Single board computer
  • IBM PC

    First personal computer with keyboard and printer
  • Compaq PC clone

    Very small, and quite light
  • IBM PS 2

    Allowed use of mouse, used 3.5 inch floppy disk
  • Macbook Pro

    Widescreen, fast, compact, slim, allowed a lot of games to be played.
  • HP Elitebook

    A new computer with very fast processors, multiple operations and a comfortable keyboard.