Computer History

  • Computers in Education

    Computers in Education
    Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper design the MArk series of computers for Harvard University. This is impostant because this is the first step in intergrating computers into school systems.
  • CRT is Invented

    CRT is Invented
    F.C Williams develops his cathode-ray tube (CTR) storing devices the forerunner to random access memory (RAM) This is important because memory software is advancing which means that more information with be stored efficiently.
  • NASA

    NASA is formed. This is important because this is the first time that space science and technology are merged.
  • Fisrt Robot in Factory

    Fisrt Robot in Factory
    General Motors uses the first industrial robot, Unimate, to work in a New Jersey factory. This is important becasue robots will strat to take ver tasks reguarly preformed by humans.
  • The Computer Mouse

    The Computer Mouse
    Douglas Engelbart invents and patents the first computer mouse. It was called the mouse because of the tail that came out the back. This is important because the mouse is something that desktops everywhere still use and require today!
  • E-mail is Invented

    E-mail is Invented
    Ray Tomlinson invented e-mail. This is important because we still use email today to communicate and share information.
  • Apple Company is Started

    Apple Company is Started
    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found Apple Computers. This is important because Apple is the biggest computer compnay today. Steve Jobs is also responsible for many new technologies that we have today.
  • Nintendo

    Nintendo Entertainment Systems make a debut. This is important because Nintemdo has created many entertainment technologies, like gaming systems and more.
  • Yahoo!

    Yahoo is invented in April. This is important because Yahoo is one of he largest search engine.
  • Skype

    Skype is invented and put on computers. This is important because skype is a new and popular communtication that many use each day.