Computer History

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    Technology Improving

  • Light Bulbs

    Light Bulbs
    The purpose of a light bulb is to produce light
    When it is dark or to compensate for the lack of sunshine
  • Phones

    A cell phone is very convenient because it can help you at all time. E.g. So if it was an emergency someone could get a hold of you and tell you what happened. So really, cell phones are a really good choice to have.
  • Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum Cleaner
    A vacuum cleaner is a cleaning tool in many households. Most come with a carpet and rug cleaning design, which features a rotating brush to pick up dirt so that the vacuum can carry it to the bag.
  • Automobile

    A car is very convenient because you can travel to any locations no matter how far or near it is. (It was to replace horses as a means of transportation)
  • Refrigerator

    The main reason that everyone needs a refrigerator is too keep food cold. We keep our food cold so that it will not spoil. Spoiled food cannot be eaten as it would cause us to die from food poisoning. When we buy our food then we need a safe place to keep it so that it will remain fresh and not spoil. We need a unit that will provide us a safe place to keep our food for an extended period of time without fear of the food going bad. The purpose of a refrigerator is to help us keep our foods saf
  • Air-Conditioner

    The idea of air conditioning started before a machine was created to produce the cooling effect desired
  • Television (color)

    Television (color)
    Yes, television is there for entertainment. But is also a way of getting information across to the public e.g. news stories and weather. For example, the news is there to educate us about important decisions happening around the world and the weather is there to tell us a message of how the day is going to be in advance so we are able to make plans if wishing to go out to travel.
  • Microwave

    The purpose of the microwave is to heat the food or defrost it with radiation waves
  • Computer

    · To extend our thinking · To earn revenue for their vendors · To solve problems caused by computers · To have fun · to crystalize conceptual understanding
  • Printer

    The printer allows you to print anything from your computer/laptop and it makes it on paper.