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  • Difference Engine

    Difference Engine
    Vannevar Bush develops a partly electronic Difference Engine in 1930. The Difference Engine was a automatic mechanical calculator that was designed to tabulate polynamial functions. I chose this event because it was the FIRST partly electronic Difference Engine.
  • Enigma

    Adolf Hitler uses the Enigma encryption machine. It was a way to code information in ways that was hard for people to understand unless the had the code breaker. It was kind of like a type writter/radio wave info sender. Ith intesrested me because Hitler used it in the war.
  • Magnetic Tape

    Magnetic Tape
    Magnetic tape allows for inexpensive mass storage of information and so is a key part of the computer revolution. I wanted to see when the magnetic tape started because we learned about it last class!
  • HP-2115

    Hewlett-Packard entered the general purpose computer business with its HP-2115. THis computer offered that same as a larger program it was just smaller. Also, It supported a wide variety of languages, among them BASIC, ALGOL, and FORTRAN.
    IT interested me because I have heard of the Hewlett Packard and I didn't know what it was till now.
  • Blue Bow

    Blue Bow
    Wozniak´s "blue box", Steve Wozniak built his "blue box" a tone generator to make free phone calls. Wozniak sold the boxes in dormitories at the University he attended. This intrested me because of its name, and also because it looks like the buttons of a old celll phone or phone.
  • Portable computers:

    Portable computers:
    Altair produces the first portable computer! It was the first computer made by Altair that you could take with you or move around with! It interested me because I love my laptops and I wanted to know what the first one was like!
  • Commodore 64

    Commodore 64
    Commodore introduces the Commodore 64, also known as C64. It was sold for $595, came with 64KB of RAM and featured impressive graphics. While it was out thousands of sowftware titles were released. In 1993. This interested me because the screen looked to have gotten bigger from the older computers and that it was said to have had impressive graaphics.
  • Sim City

    Sim City
    Sim City was released! It is a game that is still out today that simulates real life and lets you create you own city! This interested me because I have played Sim City before.
  • The Mosaic Web Browser

    The Mosaic Web Browser
    Mosaic was the first commercial software that allowed graphical access to content on the internet. It was designed by Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen. This interested me because I use the internet all the time to get photos!
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo was made!. Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo , Yahoo started out as "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" before being renamed. THis interested me because I use yahoo sometimes when I am searching for things.