Comparative Politics

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    Framework for Analysing Environmental Policy Integration
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    Constitutional design for divided societies.» Journal of Democracy 15, n.o 2
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    The role of science in environmental impact assessment: Process and procedure versus purpose in the development of theory
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    Introduction: Cross-national policy convergence: Concepts, approaches and explanatory factors.»
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    Causes and conditions of cross-national policy convergence.
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  • Colomer, J.M

    It’s parties that choose electoral systems (or, Duverger’s Laws upside down).
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    Estimating regression models in which the dependent variable is based on estimates.
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    Economic globalization and the welfare state in affluent democracies, 1975-2001.
  • Powell, R.

    War as a commitment problem
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    Collective information practice: Exploring privacy and security as social and cultural phenomena
  • Starke, P.

    The politics of welfare state retrenchment: A literature
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    Sustainable development in a post-Brundtland world
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    The effects of E-government on trust and confidence in government
  • Lust-Okar, E.

    Elections under authoritarianism: Preliminary lessons from Jordan
  • Albrechts, L.

    Shifts in strategic spatial planning? Some evidence from Europe and
  • Lindén, A.-L., A. Carlsson-Kanyama, y B. Eriksson

    Efficient and inefficient aspects of residential energy behaviour: What are the policy instruments for change?
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    Introduction: The international diffusion of liberalism
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    Sustainability indicators, policy and governance: Issues for ecological economics
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    Transactional and participatory activism in the emerging European polity: The puzzle of East-Central Europe
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    Ticket-splitting and strategic voting under mixed electoral rules: Evidence from Germany
  • Coen, D

    Empirical and theoretical studies in EU lobbying
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    Process evaluation for complex interventions in primary care: Understanding trials using the normalization process model
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    Bono Made Jesse Helms Cry: Jubilee 2000, debt relief, and moral action in international politics
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    Conceptual approaches to the transfer of employment practices in multinational companies: An integrated approach
  • Eising, R.

    Institutional context, organizational resources and strategic choices: Explaining interest group access in the European Union
  • Wolbrecht, C., y D.E. Campbell.

    Leading by example: female members of parliament as political role models
  • Mitlin, D., S. Hickey, y A. Bebbington

    Reclaiming Development? NGOs and the Challenge of Alternatives
  • Mutz, D.C

    Effects of "in-your-face" television discourse on perceptions of a legitimate opposition
  • Licht, A.N., C. Goldschmidt, y S.H. Schwartz.

    Culture rules: The foundations of the rule of law and other norms of governance
  • NN

    Party systems in the making: The emergence and success of new parties in new democracies
  • Weeks, J.L

    Autocratic audience costs: Regime type and signaling resolve
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    Decommodification and activation in social democratic policy: Resolving the paradox
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    The impact of globalization on the composition of government expenditures: Evidence from panel data
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    Trust in the public sector: Is there any evidence for a long-term decline
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    Immigration and the imagined community in Europe and the United
  • Coen, D., y M. Thatcher.

    Network governance and multi-level delegation: European networks of regulatory agencies
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    Politics and social spending in Latin America
  • Wright, J.

    Do authoritarian institutions constrain? How legislatures affect economic growth and investment
  • Jensen, C

    Worlds of welfare services and transfers
  • Ambrosio, T.

    Catching the 'Shanghai Spirit': How the shanghai cooperation organization promotes authoritarian norms in Central Asia
  • Birch, S.

    Electoral institutions and popular confidence in electoral processes: A cross-national analysis
  • Hainmueller, J., y H.L. Kern.

    Incumbency as a source of spillover effects in mixed electoral systems: Evidence from a regression-discontinuity design
  • Tavits, M

    On the linkage between electoral volatility and party system instability in Central and Eastern Europe
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    The role and functioning of environmental assessment: Theoretical reflections upon an empirical investigation of causation
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    The effect of economic freedom on growth revisited: New evidence on causality from a panel of countries 1970-1999
  • Starke, P., H. Obinger, y F.G. Castles. «

    Convergence towards where: In what ways, if any, are welfare states becoming more similar?
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    The mechanisms of policy diffusion
  • Salter, M.B.

    Securitization and desecuritization: A dramaturgical analysis of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
  • Hobolt, S.B., y R. Klemmensen.

    Government responsiveness and political competition in comparative perspective