Colonial Georgia Timeline

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    Georgia Colonization Timeline

  • John Olgelthorpe Set Sail to Georgia

    John Olgelthorpe Set Sail to Georgia
    Olgelthorpe was given £5,000 to find new land in order to deposit criminals. There was so much criminals in jail that when they got full they dumped them into random cities in london. So the King granted him permission.
  • Ogelthorpe Landed

    Ogelthorpe Landed
    Olgelthorpe and his colonists landed on south Carolina on a ship named Ann.They were very close to Savannah Georgia.
  • First Meeting

    First Meeting
    12Trustees attended the first meeting on July 20, 1732, at the Georgia office in the Old Palace Yard, which is very close to Westminister,Georgia
  • Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah, Georgia
    Olgelthorpe landed in what is now called Savannah, Georgia
  • Jews

    In 1733 agroup of jews settle in Georgia without permission but Olgelthorpe allows them to stay.
  • Back Home

    Back Home
    Olgelthorpe returned home with his freind Tomachichi and his wife and nephew
  • Moravians

    Moravians went to Georgia, bringing the religion pacifists.
    They opposedmilitary or violence.They ended up leaving Georgia in 1740
  • George Dunbar

    George Dunbar recruited 177 Highlanders from Scotland to take to Georgia
  • James Wright

    James Wright
    James Wright becomes an atourney general for South Carolina
  • Olgelthorpe Changes

    Olgelthorpe Changes
    lgelthorpe returned and got less enthusiastic of the trustees desicions about ban on rum in 1742 and with the admission of slavery in 1750
  • End to the Trustees

    End to the Trustees
    The admission to slavery starts and the Trustee Period ends.
  • Royal Period Begins

    Royal Period Begins
    John Reynolds is elected and is the first royal govenor of Georgia. His leader4ship ended in 1756
  • More Land

    James Wright went to london to persuade thepeople increase landw
  • James Wright Again

    He returned in 1773 as Sir James Wright with royal approval but the creek Indians Were reluctant in giving up their land.
  • Ban Trade With Brittain!!!!!

    Ban Trade With Brittain!!!!!
    Georgians attended a Provincial Congress in Savannah to decide to join the Continental Association
  • 4th of July Baby!!!!!!

    4th of July Baby!!!!!!
    George Walton, Lyman Hall, and Button Gwinnett signed the Declaration of Independence,bringing an end to the period of royal government.