Australia topographic map 960

Colonial Australia

By David5A
  • Aboriginal Restistance

    Aboriginal Restistance
    Pemulwuy and his son, members of the Euro people, made there tribe oppose to the first settlers, including surprise attacks on them. Effect:
    The relationship between the aboriginals and the white settlers was unfriendly. This caused the Aboriginals and the white settlers to live by their own ways and that caused war. The Aboriginals became servants to the white settlers and became taken over by the white settlers.
  • Men Dominate

    Men Dominate
    The woman in the colony, were out numbered by the men, by an estimate from 20 to 1. Effect:
    The men in the colony out numbed the woman and this caused for the men to fight over for women and hostility.
  • Police Force Established

    Police Force Established
    Lachlan Macquarie the governor arrives in NSW to reimpose the British government control. The NSW corps is disbanded. Lachlan Macquarie establishes the first proper colonial police force. Effect:
    He brought order and structure to the rulings of the colonies. Today we still have the police force in our society to keep order and everyone safe.
  • Van Diemand's Land

    Van Diemand's Land
    Van Diemen’s Land now known as Tasmania made a separate colony with its own Governor, Lieutenant Governor George Arthur. This colony had the firmest penal system in all of the British Empire. Effect:
    By putting another colony it helped populate Australia. The people still remain in Tasmania.
  • Economic Growth

    Economic Growth
    This decade showed great economic growth which was brought about by the squatters moving further east across Australia with their sheep and their cattle. Effect:
    The new colony became richer and with that they could build and have more advance stuff. Now Australia is a wealthy colony.
  • The First Elections

    The First Elections
    The first elections for the council in NSW were held, leading the country democracy and a representation government. Effect:
    The people of the colony were able to choose who they wanted to have as a leader and we still do the same today.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    Gold first found in Bathurst NSW, then in Victoria near what would become Ballarat. These gold rushes brought more emigrants to become rich. Effect:
    The city of Melbourne grew from the gold rushes and all of Australia. The population increased and that’s how Australia grew to be a country. Today Australia is a prosperous country.
  • The Melbourne Cup

    The Melbourne Cup
    The first Melbourne cup horse race was held. The winner, Archer from Sydney won seven hundred and ten sovereigns and a gold watch. Effect:
    This is the beginning of an Australian tradition that is still current today.
  • The First Cricket Match

    The First Cricket Match
    The first cricket match between Australia and England was held at Melbourne and Australia wins. Effect:
    Australia has proved to be a world competitor in sport. Today Australia has strengthened and participants in world sport.
  • Federation Initiated

    Federation Initiated
    Henry parks, the premier of NSW gives a speech at Tenterfield on the boarder of NSW Queensland telling everyone that it’s time for the colony to create a national Government for Australia. Effect:
    Australia became a federation through the thinking leaders like Henry Park. Australia is a federation with a national government today looking after all over Australia.
  • Henry Parkes

    Henry Parkes
    Henry Parkes was born in England in 1815. In 1836 Henry married Clarinda and they came to Australia on an assisted passage.Henry first worked as a farm labourer, but later entered politics. Parkes was a strong supporter of land and educational reform, trade and immigration. Henry was a very good speaker with a strong vision for a united Australia. Henry Parkes was married three times and died in 1896. I believe that Parkes did alot for federation.
  • The Great Shearers Strike

    The Great Shearers Strike
    The Great Shears Strike, one of the most important industrial disputes occurred. Striking shears made armed camps outside towns and soldiers had to protect non – union labour and they arrested strike leaders. The unionists fought back by damaging properties. From this event the Australian labour party has began. Effect:
    The Australian labour party gave all the workers a say in the Government. Today they are in power.
  • The Federation of Australia begins

    The Federation of Australia begins
    The federation of Australia begins and a constitution’s is made. Effect:
    This made Australia what it is today. References: