Colin's Life

Timeline created by Colin Sabers
  • The Day I was Born

    The Day I was Born
    I was born on April 18, 1998. I was born in in Sious Falls, South Dakota. My parents are Mike and Celeste. I have two older brothers, Mitchell and Shane
  • Baptism

    I was Baptised at St. Mary's Catholic Church. The priest at that time was Father Ripp. My Godparents are Kevin Sabers and Shawn Giesler.
  • First Day of Kindergarden

    First Day of Kindergarden
    I went to Kindergarden at St. Mary's School. My teacher was Mrs. Lather. I had eight people in my class.
  • I Got My Dog

    I Got My Dog
    My dog's name is Abby. She is a German Wirehair which is a hunting dog. She is 8 years old now.
  • Basketball Started

    Basketball Started
    I started basketball as soon as I could. I really like basketball even though I am not good at it. My dad wanted me to be a wrestler but that would have been terrible. My first coach was Keith Paulson.
  • I went to Chicago

    I went to Chicago a few years ago with my family and my cousins. We went to a lot of places. We went to Medieval Times which is a place where you eat and watch an acted show. We went to the Field Museum which is where Sue the T-Rex is at. We also went to a big aquarium.
  • My Brother Graduated High School

    When my brother first left he went to the University of Minnesota. I did not get to see him often so it was really exciting when he did get to come home. After one semester he decided to transfer to SDSU so I get to see him more now.
  • Track Season Started

    Track Season Started
    I like track because it it probably the only sport I can do right. In track I am not the best but I got to be in some relays later in the season because I was doing better. I run short distance and do high jump because high jump is awesome.
  • My Great Aunt died

    My great Aunt was Lois Hipschman. I only knew her when I was very little. When she died my dad was very upset, so it was important.
  • I went to the Black Hills

    I went to the Black Hills
    Last summer I went to the Black Hills and we went to Mount Rushmoore again. We have been there a lot of times but i guess it was still fun. We also went to Keystone again but they have good taffy.
  • Football Season Started

    Football Season Started
    This year was my first year of football. I really did not know what to do and I was not good at it. I think I got better as the year went on though.
  • Today's Computer Class

    Today's Computer Class
    Today is the first day of computer class