Cold war

Cold War Timeline

By 141714
  • Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
    Allied leaders discuss the war in Europe and Soviet involvement in the war in the Pacific. Countries also discuss the split up of Germany.
  • Arms Race Begins

    Arms Race Begins
    The Arms Race between the USSR and the USA begins with the detonation of the first Atomic Bomb by the USA in New Mexico. This leads to competition between the USA and USSR to have the biggest and best weapons
  • UN created

    UN created
    The United Nations, UN, is created. This is an international organization to settle world problems and avoid armed conflicts.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    The Truman doctrine was signed into place on this date by United States President Truman. This doctrine stated that the US would give aid to Turkey and Greece to prevent them from becoming communist.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    The Marshall Plan, a system to boost the economy of European nations, is first introduced. The USSR did not join the group because it did not want to be taken over by democratic ideals.
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    The USSR blocks all roads into Berlin, making it so that the Western countries with rights to Berlin are not able to get in. This is the first major clash of the Cold War.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    The Berlin airlift begins as a response to the Berlin Blockade. Western German countries fly supplies into their portion of Berlin.
  • NATO created

    NATO created
    NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is created. This alliiance between western member countries was created in part to stop the advancement of Soviet Russia.
  • First Soviet Atomic Bomb

    First Soviet Atomic Bomb
    The Soviets create and test their first atomic bomb. This shows that the USSR now has the same capabilities as the USA in this regard, which causes some USA concerns.
  • The Korean War Begins

    The Korean War Begins
    The Korean War, a fight between communist ideals and democratic ideals in Korea, begins. This is the first military action of the cold war.
  • First Hydrogen Bomb

    First Hydrogen Bomb
    The first hydrogen bomb is exploded as a test by the USA. This bomb was even more powerful than the atomic bomb, and a major advancement in the evergoing Space Race between the USA and the USSR.
  • Joseph Stalin Dies

    Joseph Stalin Dies
    Joseph Stalin, the dictorial leader of the USSR, dies. This ushers in a new era of leaders of the USSR.
  • Warsaw Pact created

    Warsaw Pact created
    This was an alliance between many communist nations. Idea of collective security against threats emerged.
  • Vietnam War Begins

    Vietnam War Begins
    The Vietnam war was another war between communist and non-communist ideals. It went on for over twenty years, and was a military struggle during the Cold War.
  • Sputnik I launched

    Sputnik I launched
    The first satellite was launched by the USSR. This gave them an upper hand in the ongoing Space Race between the Americans and the USSR.
  • Space Race Begins

    Space Race Begins
    The Space Race begins with the Russian launch of Sputnik 1. Suddenly both the USA and the USSR are competing to achieve greater and greater astronomical feats.
  • First Dog in Space

    First Dog in Space
    Laika became the first dog in space with the launch of Sputnik II by the Russians. The USSR was ahead of the USA in the Space Race at this time.
  • Nakita Khrushchev comes to power

    Nakita Khrushchev comes to power
    Nakita Khrushchev becomes the premier of the Soviet Union. He denounces Stalin and ultimately attempts to become a more moderate leader. Many major events of the Cold War happen when he holds power.
  • NASA created

    NASA created
    NASA, the USA organization devoted to Space Development, is formed. This allows the USA greater focus to compete during the Space Race.
  • U-2 Incident

    U-2 Incident
    A USA surviellence plane is shot down by the USSR. The spying done by the USA causes conflict between the two countries right before a major summit.
  • First Man in Space

    First Man in Space
    Yuri Gagarin is the first man to travel in Space. The USSR beats the USA to the milestone, which causes some conflict.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    The USA launches a failed attack on Communist Cuba. This has major consequences, including the lead up to the Cuban missle crisis.
  • Berlin Wall Began

    Berlin Wall Began
    The Berlin Wall was put up on this date in 1961. This made it so that citizens of East Germany could not cross over into West Germany and vice-versa.
  • Period: to

    Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall separated Communist East Germany from Democratic West Germany for over 30 years. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a major event during the cold war because people from both side of the country could now mix freely.
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    USA forces discover that the USSR has been building missiles in Cuba. This leads to a very tense period that almost causes nuclear destruction, until the situation resolves.
  • First Man on the Moon

    First Man on the Moon
    Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon. He is American, and this is a major event not only in the Space Race but in human history.
  • Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

    Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
    Soviet Troops take over the unstable Afghanistan. United States backs rebels against the Soviet Union and yet another conflict of the cold war occurs.
  • INF Treaty

    INF Treaty
    This treaty eliminated the use of intermediate and short range missles by both the USA and the USSR. This made it harder for each side to have the ability to blow the other up.
  • Berlin Wall fell

    Berlin Wall fell
    The Berlin Wall falls, allowing citizens from East Germany to cross into West Germany and vice-versa for the first time in over thirty years. Also part of the end of the Cold War.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev comes to power

    Mikhail Gorbachev comes to power
    Mikhail Gorbachev is "elected" as the new president of the Soviet Union. His presidency ends in failure a little over a year later.
  • German Unification

    German Unification
    West Germany and East Germany unite to become one Germany again. The country is no longer separated into two separate parts, communist and democratic.
  • USSR Breakup

    USSR Breakup
    The USSR dissolves after Gorbachev backs down as leader on this date. By January the USSR no longer exists.