Cold War Timeline

Timeline created by excel10b
  • NATO formed

    NATO formed
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed. 12 Nations established it to coordinate military defenses of the member nations against the possible Soviet agression. Consisted of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and the US were in it with Greece, Turkey, and
    Germany joining after 1952. In 1950 Eisenhower was made the supreme commander of NATO
    Insigator- USSR
  • Berlin Air raid ends blockade of west Berlin

    Berlin Air raid ends blockade of west Berlin
    June 26, 1948 to May 12, 1949. The US and Great Britain sent food and other vital supplies to the city of Berlin until the blockade was lifted in May. This was a symbol of the US's willingness to oppose Soviet expansion
    Instigator- USSR
  • Creation of the Federal Republic of Germnay

    Creation of the Federal Republic of Germnay
    Founded May 23, 1949 and the first election is held August 12, 1949.
    Instigator- USSR
  • Communists defeat Nationalists in China

    Communists defeat Nationalists in China
    After a 10 year long civil war between the communists and the nationalists in China it finally ended with the communist leader Mao Zedong creating the Peoples Republic of China
    Instigator- US
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    Failed invaison of Cuba by the CIA. Trained CIA exiles to attack Cuba and failed miserably
  • Eisenhower Presidency

    Eisenhower Presidency
    Managed cold-war tensions with the Soviet Union under the looming threat of Nuclear weapons. Ended the Korean war in 1953 and authorized a number of couvert anti-communist operations by the CIA around the world.
  • Stalins death

    Stalins death
    The leader of the USSR for 30 years died of a cerebral hemmorage in his sleep. Though he was responsible for millions of deaths he was thought to be sort of a father to the USSR. He was replaced by Nikita Khrushchev.
  • Soviets launch Sputnik 1

    Soviets launch Sputnik 1
    The USSR launches Sputnik 1 into space, a satelite the size of a beach ball. November 2, 1957 the USSR launches Sputnik 2 into space carrying a dog. The US finally launches a satelite Jan 31, 1958. These are the begginings of the space race.
    Instigator- USSR
  • Kennedy Presidency

    Kennedy Presidency
    Approved the Bay of Pigs plans (unfortunatly). Dealt with the Cuban missle crisis and the war in Vietnam. Wass assassinated November 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Berlin Wall Errected

    Instigator- USSR
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    Instigator- USSR
  • Johnson Presidency

    Johnson Presidency
    Launched several progressive reforms aimed at alleviating poverty and which made a lasting impact. Was unable to pull the US out of the Vietnam war.
  • Tonkin Resolution

    Tonkin Resolution
    Instigator- US
  • Watergate Break

    Watergate Break
    5 men were arrested for breaking and entering into the HQ of the Democratic National Comitte woh had ties with Richard Nixon's campaign. Tapes of White House conversataions revealed that the president had participated in efforts to cover up the crime.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    June 25, 1950
    Instigator- USSR