cold war

  • Korean war

    who: Japan, US
    what: north vs south, North was communist and south was capitalists and wanted capitalism
    where: Korea
    how it affected liberalism: either communism or capitalism no in between they all ways had control of the people.
  • Yalta conference

    where: Yalta Ukraine
    who: Big three ( USSR, Britain, USA)
    what: divided Germany into 4 countries, USSR promised free election.
    how it affected liberalism: promised to give free elections to people.
  • potsdam conference

    who: Big three ( US, USSR, Britain )
    where: Potsdam Germany
    what: surrender of Germany, the realization of no free election. start of the cold war.
    How it affected liberalism: US and Britain were anti-communist. not a good look on USSR.
  • Hiroshima bombing

    who: US, Hiroshima
    what: the US dropping a bomb on Hiroshima ending the war.
    where: Hiroshima
    how it affected liberalism: it killed thousands of people and terrified people.
  • bombing of nagasaki

    who: US, Nagasaki
    what: US dropping a bomb on Nagasaki ending the war
    where: Nagasaki
    how it affected liberalism: killed millions of people.
  • Molotov plan

    who: USSR, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria,
    what: system to rebuild Eastern Europe
    where: soviet union
    how it affected liberalism: helped people with foreign aid
  • Truman Doctrine

    who: Greece, Turkey
    what: buying friends with money
    where: Greece, Turkey
    how it affected liberalism: it helped the noncommunist people.
  • Brussels treaty

    who: Britain, France,Luxembourg, and the Netherlands
    what: assist one another if attacked
    where: western European countries
    how it affected liberalism: it can give people more freedom to get to each country.
  • Marshall plan

    who: US, George Marshall
    what: to help pay European countries after the war and recover.
    where: Europe
    how it affected liberalism: They did it so it would be less likely to become communist again.
  • berlin block aid

    who: Germany, soviet union
    what: soviet union blocked Germany's western railways, water access.
    where: Berlin
    how it affected liberalism: took away peoples water and resources
  • NATO

    who: US, Soviets
    what: Communist vs Capitalists
    where: US, Soviets
    how it affected liberalism: more because they were forced on who to join and put countries under pressure.
  • soviet creation of nuclear weapons

    who: soviet union
    what: they dropped their first nuclear bomb to test it in 1949, and just in case of a war against the USSR
    where: atom grad
    how it affected liberalism: it didn't affect the people but it probably did scare them thinking about nuclear war.
  • stalins death

    Who: Stalin
    what: Stalin died on his couch full of pee
    where: Russia
    how did it affect liberalism: it created a collective government
  • Warsaw pact

    who: Soviet union
    what: The opposite from NATO, creating communist alliances
    where: Moscow
    how it affected liberalism: Took control of the people because the governments were communist.
  • Period: to

    vietnam war

    who: Vietnam, US, Russia
    what: communism vs capitalism lots of people died
    where: Vietnam
    how it affected liberalism: communism effected the people
  • Hungarian rev

    Who: Soviet
    what: giant protest started against soviets because politburo he went back on his word from withdrawing from warsaw pact
    where: Soviet
    how did it affect liberalism: Lots of innocent people died and lots fled because they got pushed out by the military.

    who: US, Canada
    what: To protect attacks from water and air.
    where: US
    how it affected liberalism: more because it gives people a safe feeling.
  • fidel castro

    what: Fidel Castro took over the government and the US stopped supporting them. Then USSR started to help them buy sugar
    where: Cuba
    how it affected liberalism: other countries started to stop helping Cuba because of the takeover so they couldn't get any good imports like food.
  • Bay of pigs

    who: the US, Cuban exiles
    what: the US training the Cuban exiles to take over Castro
    where: Florida
    how it affected liberalism: took Cubans life away because you were either training to kill Castro or being under the control of Castro.
  • Creation of berlin wall

    who: Russia, Germany
    what: a big wall to separate people and country from the east and that side was communist and west was capitalists
    where: berlin, Germany
    how it affected liberalism: it took the family away from people and created separation because you were not allowed to cross.
  • End of cuban missile crisis

    who: Cuba, USSR
    what: USSR bringing missiles to Cuba and they could hit every major city except for Seattle
    where: Cuba
    how it affected liberalism: It could kill lots of people, but it stayed the same because no one freaked out.
  • czechoslovakia rev

    Who: Alex Dubcek, soviets
    what: Alex Dubcek came into power and liberalized, soviets didn't like that so they invaded and stayed till 1990.
    where: Czechslovakia
    how did it affect liberalism: soviets wanted complete control over everyone.
  • Period: to

    Nuclear arms deal

    Who: US, USSR
    what: Nixon the leader of the USSR finally signed the treaty of strategic arms limitation and it limited missiles
    where: US, USSR
    how did it affect liberalism: so it wouldn't cause brinkmanship and blow each other up.
  • Period: to

    Afganistan war/ Soviet war

    Who: USSR, US
    what: US equipment the mujahedeen, and USSR and Afghanistan government had to stop mujahedeen resistance.
    where: Afghanistan
    how did it affect liberalism: people that lived on a farm did not like the idea of communism because they would have to give everything to the government.
  • solidarity in poland

    Who: Solidarity group, communist government
    what: solidarity group was protesting for more freedom and no communism from the government. and then a liberal was elected.
    how did it affect liberalism: it took control of its people and still controlling its people with liberal but a little less.
  • berlin wall falling

    Who: East Germany and West Germany
    what: the wall was built to separate germans and east germans but mostly Soviets, the communist leaders got kicked out the wall was brought down to end the war.
    where: Germany
    how did it affect liberalism: it brought people relief knowing they won't get bombed every day and brought down tensions.
  • end of cold war

    Who:Reagan, Mikhal Gorbachev
    what: both became friends during the presidency and the cold war ended.
    where: US, USSR
    how did it affect liberalism: both liked economics that's why they were both successful.