cold war

  • Period: to

    cold war

  • united states

    united estates drop atomic bomb on hiroshima (kills 80000)
  • korean war

    korean war beggins. stalin upports north korea who invade south korea equipped with soviet weapons
  • korean war

    korean war ends
  • ussr

    ussr sent military aid to afghanistan
  • sputnik

    sputnik launched into orbit
  • united estates

    u.s. marines sent to dominican republic to fight communism.
  • apollo II

    apollo II lands on thew moon.
  • vietnam

    north vietnam defeats south vietnam wich falls to communist forces
  • united states

    U.S. troops invaded and overthrows regime in grenada
  • lithuania

    lithuania becomes independent
  • russia

    boris yeltsin elected as president of russia
  • cold war

    cold war ends