cold war

  • Hiroshima

    america now had a superpower in its hands. Strongest nation at the time.
  • marshall plan

    amercia helped out countries in need under the condition that thye dont join communism
  • the berlin airlift

    the western allies start air dropping supplies over the berlin blockade. this fustrates stalin
  • NATO is formed

    The north allantic treaty orginistation is formed to stop communist expansion
  • berlin blockade

    the soviets stop all land aid being delivered to the west beliners by the western allies in hopes off the western allies surrendering
  • china and explosives

    The USSR explodes their first nuclear bomb and china becomes communist under the leadership of mao ziddong
  • korean war

    korea war starts after the country falls to communism, america offers aid and this starts the korean war
  • korean war ends

    the war ends with no sides as victors korea is split north korea os communist south korea is democratic their common border is the 38th parrallel
  • cuba becomes communist

    fidel castro overthrows batista and cuba is now communist
  • cuban missle crisis

    cuba houses russian icmbs the world is on the brink off WWIII and a nuculear war
  • treaty signed

    some treaty signed everyone is freinds world dosent blow up YAY!! (Y) :) :D