Cold war

Cold War

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    Cold War

    Cold War Learning site.The Cold War was a time of fear and heroism. As communism, lead by the USSR (Soviet Union) and it's satelites, began to creep and devour more nations to be communist. The U.S. and it's allies tried to make everything a democracy. This hyped tensions and began what we know as the Cold War.
  • Vietnam War (Beginning)

    Vietnam War (Beginning)
    The Vietnam War was a war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Communist North Vietnam was backed by the USSR and it's communists allies, whereas Democratic South Vietnam was backed by the U.S. and it's allies.
  • Sputnik into space

    Sputnik into space
    The Space Race begins! This legendary date is one celebrated by the former Soviet Union and current Russia. When Sputnick 1, at left, was launched on this date the Space Race was started causing a wave of paranoia to sweep the U.S., This made the U.S. take action and furthered the fear during the Cold War.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis (Beginning)

    Cuban Missile Crisis (Beginning)
    The Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the Cold War's hottest moments. The USSR was granted acces by Fidel Castro to put Nuclear Silos in the country of Cuba as a follow-up of the U.S. putting silos in Turkey. The Picture is of a Navy P-2 flying over a Soviet freighter.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis (End)

    Cuban Missile Crisis (End)
    The Cuban Missile Crisis comes to an end as the Soviets pull all rockets and personal out of Cuba. Cuba's communist leader Fidel Castro still gains support by the Soviets. It is also not revealed to the Soviets that launch site in Turkey was moved a few days after this date unitil after the Cold War.
  • B-25 Thule Air Force Base crash

    B-25 Thule Air Force Base crash
    The Thule Air Force Base Base crash was when a B-25, carrying four Hydrogen bombs, crashed near Thule Air Force Base. The reason of crash is unknown except for the fact that the plane just broke down in midair. This crash raised more fear even though all the radioactive material was cleaned up.
  • The U.S. lands first man on the Moon

    The U.S. lands first man on the Moon
    The U.S. pushes a major leap past the USSR with Moon landing. The picture seen here is Neil Armstrong who was the first man on the Moon, his words were,"This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".
  • Vietnam War (End)

    Vietnam War (End)
    The Vietnam War ended with ait's last battle, The Fall of Saigon. Due to pressures from the public and so many factors the Vietnam War is a staple mark of U.S. history. The war is remembered best in a memorial in Washington D.C. by wall written with all the M.I.A.'s and K.I.A.'s during the war.
  • Soviet war in Afghanistan (Entering)

    Soviet war in Afghanistan (Entering)
    During the war in Afghanisstan which was between the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and Mujahideen, the Soviets were sent in to help their ally. When U.S. President Jimmy Carter heard of this he told an adviser, "Let's give the Soviets there Vietnam".
  • "Able Archer" NATO exercises

    "Able Archer" NATO exercises
    The Able Archer NATO exercises were a ten day training missile exercise. During the exercises tensions began to flare in both the Soviet Union and U.S. The exercises prompted the U.S. to DEFCON 1 and the USSR to extreme radio silence with chatter being used in only secret code form.
  • Soviet war in Afghanistan (End)

    Soviet war in Afghanistan (End)
    Due to pressures and losses against the Mujahideen and it's supply of weapons, ammunitions, and supplies from secret allies, the Soviets retreat. The retreat was called under Mikhail Gorbachev when he issued his "new thinking" policies. This war is one very similar to the U.S.'s Vietnam.