Cold War

  • Russian Revolution

    Shortly after Russia pulled out of WWII a new government, led by Vladamir Lenin took over. The rebels revolted against the previous tsar leadership.
  • Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan project was the creation of the atomic bomb. The project was lead by J. Robert Oppenhiemer. The bombs were tested in New Mexico and over the ocean.
  • Yalta Conference

    Was a post WWII conferecnce with the big three to discuss how to deal with war torn Europe. The conference didn't change many previous agreements
  • Postdam Conference

    Another conference with the big three. This conference agreed on unconditional surrender for Germany, but no reperattions.
  • NATO was Created

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created to insure collective defense for the countries of the north atlantic. It was different to an alliance in that the nations went to war after a joint agreement not one nations declaration of war.
  • Communist Revolution in China

    he revolution was an uprising of the Communist rebel party aganinst the Nationalistic Kuomintang party. The Communist party won most of the mainlaind spliting the country into two parts, the communist People's Republic of China and the Nationalist Republic of China.
  • The Korean War

    The American troops entered the war to support the People's Republic of China alomg with the United Nations. The troops gained major ground but were overall unsucsessful due to a pushback of Chinese Troops. The Border was held strong at the 38th parallel.
  • Warsaw Pact Formed

    The Warsaw pact was created in response to NATO. It consisted of Eastern European Communist countries.
  • The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War was a war between the communist supported North Vietnam and the Vietcong in south Korea and the United Nations supported southern Vietnam. The UN troops suffered heavy casualties due to the effective guerrilla warfare fought by the Vietcong and eventually pulled out.
  • Sputnik Launched

    The Sputnik 1 was the first artificial sattlellite to be launched into the Earth's Orbit. It was launched by the USSR and it is credited for spawning the space race between The US and the USSR.
  • Cuban Revolution

    The Cuban Revolution was lead by Fidel Castro against the dictator Fugencio Batista. Cuba eventually allied itself under the communist party.
  • U-2 Incident

    A U-2 spy plane was shot down in soviet airspace and since the pilot, Francis Gary Powers was not "official military" he was sent to Russian prison, instead of being returned. This event broke up the effectiveness of the Paris summit before it could even begin.
  • Bay of Pigs

    The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an anti-Castro attack by american trained Cuban Refugees. The mission was a disaster. The American troops pulled out because of the danger of the situation but left the Cuban refugees in Cuba. The refugees were imprisoned or killed.
  • Berlin Wall Erected

    The Berlin wall was created to seperate NATO supported West Berlin and Communist Run East Berlin. The purpose of the wall was to stop people from fleeing Communism for Western Europe.
  • Cuban Missile

    A US spy plane discovered the existance of atomic weapons in Cuba. In order to prevent the delivery of the launching devices the US created a blockade around Cuba. JFK negotiated with Krushchev to remove the missiles in return for the removal of American warheads in Turkey.
  • Nixon Visits China

    Nixon's visit to china was the first step in normalizing relations with Communist China. The visit united China and The United states together against the Soviet Union.
  • Soviets Invade Afganistan

    The soviet invasion was a proxy war in Afcganistan that lasted about nine years. It is often refered to as the Soviet's Vietnam due to the heavy Russian casualties and withdrawl leaving no visible progress in the Nation.
  • Ronals Reagan Leads USA

    Ronald Reagan was Elected President over Jimmy Carter. His Election spawned wahat was called th Reagan Revolution.
  • USA Created The Strategic Defense INitiative

    The Strategic Defense Initiative was created by Reagan to protect the US from nuclear attacks. The program used ground and space based systems.
  • Glasnost & Perestroika

    The Glasnost & Perestrokia remodeling, was Mikhail Gorbachev's remodling of the USSR. He was determined to change the population's misgivings.
  • "Tear Down This Wall" Speech

    It was a speech given by Ronald Reagan challenging the existence of the Berlin Wall. Many American's regard this speech as the greatest ever. This was a direct challenge to Gorbachev.
  • Tianamen Square Protests in China

    The Protests were a series of protests against the Chinese leadership and brutality. The uprisings lead to a giant massacre by the Chinese Military.
  • Fall Of the Berlin Wall

    The Berlin wall was triumphently ripped down. It wass followed by mass illegal immigration and celebration.
  • The USSR is Abolished

    The USSR was finaly dissloved along with the Warsaw Pact bringing an official end to the Cold War.