Cold War

By kmosbo
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    Cold War

  • NATO

    The democratic nations: US Britian France and others combined to form a military aliance to protect themselves from the Solviet Union if they attacked. Unlike the Warsaw pact. NATO is still here today
  • Rosenberg Trial

    Julis and Ethel Rosenberg were prosecuted for spying for the Solviet Union and were sentenced to death. Protests were held because they thought the Rosenbergs didnt get a fair trial but the president ignored all of the protests and continued to sentence both to death by electric chair
  • Warsaw Pact

    The Solviet Union Created the Warsaw pact reacting to the eastern NATO. The pact gave all military control of the nations involved to the Solviet Union. Nations started leaving the deal in 1968 and the last country to leave ending the pact left at 1991. The six countries left decided to end the pact.
  • U-2 Spy plane

    The U-2 Spy plane was designed to help be aware if an invasion was comming. The plane had to fly at high altitudes and fast to not fall. The prototypes of the plane were tested at the secrect base Aera 51
  • Korean War

    This war was called the "forgotten war" because it was little in comparisson to World war 2 and Vietnam war. It was the first conflict that America would not win. This was did not use neclear warfare.
  • Sputnik

    This was the first shuttle to enter space. It scared the US because the USSR now had the ability to fire missles from space. It made America more pressured to make a space shuttle to keep up with the compitition.
  • Berlin Wall

    The wall lasted from 1961- 1990. The East Berlin was a communist city lead by the USSR. The West Berlin was controled by the three democratic nations France, Britian, and America. It seperated the two sides and crossing the wall was punished by death
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Solviet Union had missles in Cuba aimed at the US ready to fire and almost brought the two nations in a nuclear war. The Slolviet Union agreed to remove the missles as long as the US wouldnt invade Cuba
  • Vietnam War

    This war was the longest conflict that America was ever in. The war was North Vietnam and South Vietnam trained Communists VS The US and South Vietnam. The US and South VIetnam failed to stop North Vietnam in making the country communist.
    The war lasted from 1964-1975
  • Cold War Ends

    The Solviet Union collapsed ending the cold war. The replacement country was the Commonwealth of Independent States. The area would no longer be communist. Later the Solviet President resigned.