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Civile rights movement -Alex,Samuel

By Sonweb
  • Period: to

    14th Amendment

    Equal protection for Blacks under the law
  • 15th amendment

    Voting right for blacks
  • Jim Crow laws

    Segregation in the South
  • Supreme Court rouling

    Supreme court declares facilities as seperate but equal
  • WW II

    Blacks pushed into low paying jobs and discouraged from the military But the Tuskegee Airmen became the first military aviators with black comrades
  • Executive order 8802

    President Franklin D.Roosevelt opened government jobs to blacks
  • The cold war

    President Harry Truman issued order 9981
    —-> Ended discrimination in the military
  • Public school segregation

    Civil rights movement gained momentum through abolishment of segregation in public schools.
  • Rosa Parks

    She was 42 years old and refused to get up for a white man and was arrested. She is nicknamed the mother of the modern day civil rights movement
  • Seating segregation

    Supreme court rouled seating segregation as unconstitutional after boycott.
  • Little rock nine

    School asked for black volunteeres to attend their school. Semptember 3rd, nine black students (the little rock nine) tried to enter the school but were met with violence. President Dwight D.Eisenhower ordered federal troops to escort the nine
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Fought for civil rights.