Civilv rights

Civil Rights Timeline

By lv18520
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    Homer Plessy was jailed for sitting in the “white” car side of East Louisiana railroad. Even though he was light skinned he was still considered to be black under state law because of his origins. Plessey Lawyer claimed the Separate Car Act,passed in Louisiana that segregated common carriers, violated the 13th and 14th amendments. Supreme Court ruled that it was constitutional because as long as the facilities were “equal” it would be ok.
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    May 17, 1954, the U.S Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in public schools violated the 14th amendment. The parents of Linda Brown that went to school farth and they had help from the NAACP.
  • Emmett Till is murdered

    Emmett Till is murdered
    -Young man(from Chicago) was beaten and killed by two white men because he was flirting with a white women in Mississippi. Mother had an open casket to show that they had done to her son in Chicago. The two men that killed him were found not guilty.Years after their trails the men admitted to killing the young man.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott -Alabama

    Montgomery Bus Boycott -Alabama
    Black in the back and whites in the front when it came to riding the bus.If there was no more seats for the whites the blacks would have to give it to them .They boycotted by not riding them or refusing to give up their seat. 11 months later the U.S supreme court ruled this law unconstitutional
  • Little Rock School desegregation

    Little Rock School desegregation
    Sending the first 9 african americans to Little Rock High School. Some of the residents were furious and would attack the students. The government would protect the students with personal body guards.This lead to desegregation in other schools in Alabama.
  • Sit-ins in Greensboro/Nashville

    Sit-ins in Greensboro/Nashville
    Sit in at all white dinners in and would not move until they were served.Many of them beaten and forced out by the police and the white people. Eventually they desegregated the all the dinners and other public facilities.
  • March on Birmingham

    March on Birmingham
    Thousands of kids went to go marchin in Birmingham to protest unequal treatment. Many were hosed down and were attacked by police dogs. Once the public found out what was happening they were outrage.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    Thousands of people went to Washington to express there social and political challenges of African Americans . This is where Martin Luther King gave his famous “ I have a Dream..” speech.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    This prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color,religion, sex, or national origin
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    This act was signed into law on August 6, 1965, by President Lyndon Johnson. It outlawed the discriminatory voting practices adopted in many southern states after the Civil War, including literacy tests in order to vote.
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee. This enraged the African American community and lead a national mourning. With all of this happeing this help speed up the process for an equal housing bill.