Civil Rights Timeline

  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    The court case that adressed the practice of segregation in schools between black and white students and eventually integrated schools around the country.
  • Death of Emmett Till

    A 14 year old boy that was killed for saying "bye baby" to a white woman in a store. he was taken from his home that night, murdered and thrown in the river.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    The refusal of blacks to ride the bus. This was organized by Martin Luther King Jr. and the NAACP. The back community walked or carpooled instead of riding the bus. The Bus Boycott hurt the bus system.
  • SCLC

    A group that was created to oraganize protest activities. The group was known as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
  • The Little Rock Nine

    Nine African American students that attempted to attend Central High in Little Rock and integrate it. When the students arrived, state troops were there to stop them. On September 24th, Eisenhower went on television to announce that he would send troops in to protect the 9 students.
  • Greensboro Sit-ins

    Four college students in Greensboro sat at the whites only counter at a diner, refusing to move until they were served. The protestors were beaten , but never rebelled. The protests ultimately ended segregation in restaraunts.
  • SNCC

    SNCC was formed by the civil rights acvtivists that participated in the sit-ins in Greensboro and Nashville. This group played a major role in organizing the March on Washington.
  • Freedom Riders

    A group of civil rights activists that rode the bus from the north to Montgomery to protest. The freedom riders where met in Montgomery by an angry mob and many of the bus riders were beaten badly and some even to death.
  • Birmingham, Alabama

    Demonstrators ranging from ages six to eighteen marched in Birmingham, Alambama until they reached the police that were sent by "Bull" Conor to stop them by using water hose and police dogs to attack them.
  • Freedom Summer

    Freedom summer was a campaign in the summer of 1963 in Mississippi. They were whites college students who came from Ohio College to help register blacks in Mississippi to vote and help educate blacks.
  • Medgar Evers

    Medgar Evers was a NAACP member that was murdered by KKK member Byron De La Beckwith. Beckwith went on trial three times for the murder. The first two trials the jury failed to reach a verdict and in the third trial in 1994 he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.
  • March on Washington

    The 1963 March on Washington had about 250,000 people come for a peaceful demonstration to promote Civil Rights and economic equality for African Americans. The NAACP organized a demonstration at the capital. Martin Luther King gave a very powerful speech he said “Free at last free at last good god almighty we are free at last”.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Many African Americans were all working hard to have the right to vote. In 1964 the civil rights act gave blacks the right to vote. Thanks to the 24th amendment congress is not allowed to prevent certain people from voting.
  • Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

    A political party that was created by african americans in Mississippi in 1964 since blacks weren't allowed to be appart of the Democratic party in Mississippi.
  • The Selma March

    In Alabama the march from Selma to Montgomery was part of a big movement. During this march the police forced them to stop and turn back and when they refused to do so they attacked and sprayed them with fire hoes.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    The act signed by President Johnson in 1965 that allowed african americans to vote in the United States. This came as a relief to the african american community.