civil rights timeline

  • Rosa Parks Arrested

    1. The event was planned out from the beggining because she was a civil rights activist
    2. She was sitting in the black section but refused to give up her seat and was arrested for it.
    3. Her arrest was used to fight segregration.
  • Period: to

    Montgomery bus boycott

    1.The boycott was planned to only last 1 day.
    2. The boycott continued for a whole year.
    3. It resulted in the desegregation of all busses.
  • Arkansas governer refuses to integrate schools

    1.Students became known as little rock 93.
    2. The governer demnstrated resistance of equality.
    3. Eisenhower ordered military to enforce disegregration.
  • Sit in at Woolworth lunch center

    1. A group of black students sat at a white only counter. 2.They did it as a peaceful demonstration.
    2. This resulted in desegregration of lunch counters.
  • Freedom riders bus burned

    1. A group of whites and blacks were riding on the bus. 2.They trained using only non-violent methods.
    2. The demonstrators were attacked and beaten, some were even killed.
  • MLK writes letters from Birmingham jail

    1. They were directed towards the christian faith saying that discrimination is not christian. 2.He argued for loving eachother and equality over violence. 3.All he wanted was everyone to be treated the same.
  • Michael Harrington writes The Other America

    1. It explained the real experience of 25% of people living in poverty. 2.The book influenced JFK and LBJ in their fight to end poverty.
    2. The book revealed to the world what the ghetto was like.
  • John F. Kennedy is assainated

    1. He was shot while riding in the back of a car during a presidental motorcade. 2.Lee Harvy Oswald was arrested for the murder, but he was killed by Jack ruby before he could stand trial.
    2. It struck the world hard alot like 911 did.
  • Lyndon B Johnson becomes president

    1. LBJ was JFK's vice president at the time.
    2. Johnson advocated for funding for education and programs to help the poor such as food stamps and medicade. 3.he passed the civil rights bill and voting rights act.
  • 24th Amendment passed

    1. Several states in south used poll taxes in oreder to keep African Americans from voting. 2.It made poll taxes illegal.
    2. The bill introduced JFK, but it was LBJ.
  • voting Rights act

    1.The 15th amnedment guarenteedright to vote for all races.
    2. It ended segregation in scholls.
    3.There was a debate over who should be allowed to vote.
  • Malcom X dies

    1.He was a militant leader.
    2.He advocated for seperate black states and said that whites will always be racist.
    3. He was assasinated by a muslim, but who was behind it is unknown.
  • Watts riots

    1. california faced housing shortages because racist ownership laws.
    2. LAPD was very racist and abused their power.
    3. It lasted six days which resulted in 34 deaths.
  • martin Luther king Jr assassinated

    1.On the day before he gave a famous speech predicting his own death.
    2. He was killed while standing on a balcony of a hotel by James Earl Ray.
    3. MLK got the nobel prize for trying to end the Vietnam War.
  • March on Washington

    1.It was the largest civil rights gathering in history, there was around 200,00 people.
    2. MLK delivered his famous "I have a dream" speech.
    3.That Augast was for civil and economic equality.
  • MLK delivers " I have a dream" speech

    1.The speech stresses non-violence and equality.
    2. He argued for civil and economic equality for everybody.
    3.He pointed out continued inequality and pointed the picture of what a good society could be.
  • Forced bussing begins

    1.Supreme court said that segregated schools are unconstitutional. (1954)
    2. Forced busing forced integration.