Civil Rights Movement - Allie Glass

Timeline created by alglass
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Brown vs. Board of Education
    Who- Oliver Brown vs The Board of Education
    Where- Topeka, Kansas
    What- A Supreme Court case, where Brown didn't want his daughter going one mile to school when there was a school seven blocks away. This law desegergated schools and overturned Plessy v Ferguson
    This is important becuase it declared segregation of school unconstitutional and was a victory for the civil rights movement.
  • Rosa Parks gets Arrested

    Rosa Parks gets Arrested
    Who- Rosa Parks
    Where- Montgomery, Alabama
    What- Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat in the front of the colored section on the bus when a white person asks. She gets arrested for this. This leads to the Bus Boycott, which lasts a year.
    This is important because it leads to the boycotts which will eventually desegreagate all buses. It also shows that the colored people are starting to stsnd up for themselves and the rights that they believe in and want to achieve
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  • James Meredith attends Ole Miss

    James Meredith attends Ole Miss
    Who- James Meredith, President Kennedy, Governer Barnett
    Where- Unniversity of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi
    What- James Meredith was trying to attend Ole Miss, which at the time was an all white school. The federal goverenment was supporting him becuase it was the law, but the the people of Oxford said it went against their ways. Governer Barnett did not want the integration of the Mississippi schools and tried everything in his power not to let it happen.
  • James Meredith atends Old Miss

    (cont.) Once JFK made it so that he could apply, the weekend that Meredith went the campus of Ole Miss errupted into riots. Eventually, once evertyhing calmed down Meredith stayed there and got his education, but he was the only colored student there. This event is important because it showed that the federal government would get their way. It also showed that the laws were being made and they were to be followed and that they would be efnorced.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    Who- Martin Luther King Jr, and civil rights marchers
    Where- Washington, DC
    What- When 200.000 marchers marched in Washington, DC and gathered aroung the Lincoln Memorial where MLK Jr, gave the famous speech "I Have a Dream".
    This is important becuase many people saw this act and the speeched showed how the dicrimitory acts affected so many people and so many families
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Who- President Johnson
    Where- Washington, DC
    What- A law that declared that there would be no discrimination due to color, race, religion or national origin. This law gave the government more power when handling desegreagation and less to the state governments. The act gave people more righta to vote and said that when going to vote people could not be discrimitory and not let them due to their race.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    (cont.) This law was important becuase it was the first major law on this subject since Reconstruction, it also made the state goverenments have less power, this way more laws could be enforce nationally. This law also made it possible for new legislation to follow also regarding the civil rights movement, that gave colored people more freedoms.