civil rights movement

  • emmett louis

    emmett louis
    Emmett louis was a african american teen who one day decided to talk to a white girl and white men killed him and tossed him in a river. This event caused african americans to be out raged and stand up fight for the young boy.
  • presadent eisenhower

    presadent eisenhower
    the presadent orderd army trops to protect the little rock nine. this event sent african americans into a new era of education and desegragation.
  • mark charles

    mark charles
    mark charles sent to jail and taken by the kkk and lynched. this made african americans grow even mader and made them feel like no were is safe.
  • freedom riders attack

    freedom riders attack
    the freedom riders a group determined to desegragate buses was attack by kkk and was almost burned alive.
  • william lewis

    william lewis
    a protester in the one-man-march in attalla atlanta was killed and got african americans mad and rilled up
  • ruiend march

    ruiend march
    children poored out of school to marched for the cause of desegragation. this event got black people simpthy and help
  • assassination of medgar evers

    assassination of medgar evers
    Medgar Wiley Evers was an African-American civil rights activist from Mississippi involved in efforts to overturn segregation at the University of Mississippi. until he was assanated by a gun shot in his driveway.
  • church bombing

    church bombing
    girls in church at bible study was blown up by a bomb in the church basment. this really hurt african americans because that church was were most marches start
  • klan attack

    klan attack
    james chaney, andrew goodman and micheal schwemer civil right actvist was kid naped and killed in a KKK attack in philadelphia.
  • jackson murder

    jackson murder
    jamie lee jackson a a civil rights marcher who was killed by a state trooper. this got african americans more upset and they marched again.
  • martin luther king killed

    martin luther king killed
    MLK the voice for african americans was assainated in tennessee. this shocked the whole African American community all across America