Civil rights movement

  • Brown v, Board

    Brown v, Board
    Brown vs. Board of education case influences case in south carolina.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks is arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus.
  • Southern Christian Leadership

    Southern Christian Leadership
    Mlk's Southern christian leadership was created in order to fight or civil rights.
  • Greensboro

    4 college students sit in at a lunch counter.
  • Freedom Riders

    Freedom Riders
    Freedom Rides begin in Washington and go down to the south.
  • March on Washington.

    March on Washington.
    20,000 blacks and whites join the march on Washington.
  • Malcolm X killed

    Malcolm X killed
    Malcolm X is assassinated
  • Black Panthers

    Black Panthers
    Black Panther Organization is created which was a more forceful organization in comparison the sclc.
  • 1968 Civil rights act

    1968 Civil rights act
    President Johnson signs the civil rights act which prohibited racial discrimination in housing market.
  • Martin Luther is Assasinated.

    Martin Luther is Assasinated.
    Mlk Is assasinated