Civil Rights Movement

  • Brown v. Board of Education 1954

    The Supreme Court decided that schools must be integrated throughout the country. This nullified Plessy v. Ferguson, meaning that separate was no longer equal.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    When Rosa park refused to give up her sit to a white person, the black people from Montgomery stopped riding the buses for 11 months hoping that the bus company would run out of business and the governmnet would change the law letting white and black people sit anywhere they want. Eventually the law was changed and black people could sit next to a white person witout a problem.
  • March on Washington

    The march on washington was a colminating event in the Civil Rights Movemnet. 250,000 people listened to speeches in Washington DC about Civil Rights. MArtin Luther king jr. delievered his famous I Have a Dream speech and eventually because of the March, the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1963.