Civil Rights Movement

By md18346
  • Brown V.S Board of Education

    A law was passed that schools that segregated schools were unequal. White and blacks would have to go to the school which was closest to where they lived, which means that they had to unsegregate the scool.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    There was a boycott to the bus station /bus rides because they didn’t want to have to get told or have a specific spot to sit..The African American’s went on 11months without going on the buses until the supreme court found the segregation on the buses were unconstitutional.
  • March on Washington

    The march on washingtion was aa culminating event in the Civil Rights Movement. 290,00 people listened to speaches in Washing DC about vicil Rights. Martin Luther King Jr. Delievered his famous "I have a dream " speech and eventually because of the march , the Civil rights Act was passed in 1964