Civil Rights Movement

  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Supreme Court declared segregation unconstitutional in schools, it paved the way for protesting segregation in other aspects of life.
  • Period: to

    Civil Rights Movement

  • Emitt Till is Murdered

    A young African American boy was shot and killed.
  • Rosa Parks

    She refuses to give her seat on the bus up to a white man and is arrested for doing so.
  • Bus system desegregates

    Motgomery bus system desegregates
  • SCLC was formed

    The Southern Cristian Leadership Conference was formed by Martin Luther King JR, Fred L. Shuttleworth, and Charles K. Steele.
  • Little Rock Central High School Meets

    Little Rock Central High School board meets to vote on school integration
  • North Carolina Agriculture and Technology School Sit in

    4 black students stage a sit in at a lunch counter where they are refused service
  • Freedom Riders

    Student volunteers begin testing state laws prohibiting segregation on buses and railway stations
  • Integration Law Usage

    James Merideth, a black student, enrolls at the University of Mississippi using the integration laws
  • Martin Luther King is arrested

  • "Letter From Birmingham Jail"

    Martin Luther King writes his letter.
  • Protesting

    During protests in Alabama, Commissioner of Public Safety Eugene "Bull" Connor using police dogs and fire hoses on black protesters
  • Mississippi NAACP head murdered

    Head of Mississippi NAACP murdered by black protesters.
  • Blacks are allowed to enroll at University of Alabama

    Governor Wallace stands in the schoolhouse door of the University of Alabama before being forced by Kennedy to allow blacks to enroll.
  • "I Have a Dream"

    20,000 blacks and whites gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to hear speeches of racism
  • 4 Black girls killed

    A Birmingham black church is bombed and 4 girls are killed.
  • 24th Amendment is passed

    Outlawed poll tax on African Americans
  • Mississippi Summer Freedom Project

    begins, civil rights workers help blacks register to vote. 3 were killed and many black churches and homes were burned in retaliation.
  • Civil Rights Act

    forbid racial discrimination
  • KKK attacks

    Civil rights workers James E. Chaney, Michale Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman are killed
  • Malcolm X

    Breaks off of Elijah's Muhammad's Black Muslims and is murdered in retaliation
  • March from Salem to Montgomery

    Martine Luther King Jr. leads a 54 mile march to support black voter registration.
  • Voting Rights Act is passed

    to support black voting
  • Watt's Riots

    over 100 riots occured in Los Angeles in black areas of looting, burning, and 34 deaths
  • Executive Order 11246

    allow affirmative action for these rioters
  • Black Panthers

    founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in Oakland, California.
  • Interracial marriage is ruled unconstitutional

    by Supreme Court
  • Assination of Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King was shot down on his balcony in his home.