Civil Rights leaders (Hannah's)

  • Alice Paul

    She was an americna suffragist and activist. She led a successful cmapaign for womens suffrage that resutlted in the passage of the nineteenth amendement to the U.S constitution in 1920
  • Frances Willard

    He was an american eduacator, temperance, reformer, and womens suffargist
  • Lucy Burns

    She was an american suffragist and womens right advocate. here and alice paul fromed the National womans party.
  • Susan B anthony

    Was a prominent american civil rights leaders who played a pivotal role in the 19th century womens right movment
  • Ella Baker

    Was an african american civil rights and human rights activist beginning in the 1930's
  • Marvel Cooke

    he was a pioneering maericna ,journalist, writer, aand civil rights activist. she was the first african-american woman to work at a mainstream white-owned newspaper
  • Clara Luper

    She was a civic leader, retired school teacher, and a pioneering leader in the american civil right movement
  • Period: to

    James. L. Farmer

    He was the co-founder of the C.O.R.E . he was the civil right and he was the leader if the americna civil rights movement.
  • Period: to

    Martin Luther King Jr

    He accomplished where he was the leader of the african-american civil rights movement. he was bst known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience
  • Period: to

    Diane Nash

    She was a leader and strategist of the student wing of the 1960s movement.
  • Rosa Parks

    She was famous for being known as "the first lady of civil rights and " the mother of the freedom movement".
  • Daisy Bates

    Was an american civil rights activist, publisher, and writer who played a leading role in the little rock integration crisis in 1957
  • James Orange

    He was a pastor and a leading civil rights activist on the 1960s civil rights movment in maerica
  • James Meredith

    He was famous for being a civil rights movement writer
  • Robert Moses

    He is usually known as bob moses. he is an american , harvard trainied, eudcator who was a leader in the 1960's civil right movement
  • Claude Black

    He was an americna baptist minister and political figure
  • June Jordan

    She was bi-sexual cribbean american writer and activist. Her job was a writer.
  • Ralph Abernathy

    Is a leader of the american civil rights movement, a minister, and a close accosiate with Dr. martin luther king jr
  • Harvey Milk

    He was an american poltitcian who became the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in california and the united states when he won a seat on the sanfransico board fo superivsors
  • John Lewis

    An american Politician and civil rights leaders. He is the u.3ws representive for georgias 5th congrssional dsitrict an dhsi new session started in january 3, 2013