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Civil rights

  • Brown vs board of education

    Brown vs board of education
    It is a Supreme Court case that ends segregation. The vote was 9-0 or unanimous. Linda brown who had to commute to go to black school where a white school was blocks away It is a great decision however there was a lot of evidence after the ruling
  • Emmit till

    Emmit till
    14 year old boy from Chicago visiting Mississippi
    accused Of whistling at a white woman
    Roy Bryantand Jw Milam will kidnap beat shoot kill throw into a lake emmet till
    Maime till has an open casket for his funeral
  • Rosa parks

    Rosa parks
    Alabama literacy test
    Seperate schools, rail cars, water fountain, back of the bus
    Withdraw from commercial or social relations-punishment/protest
  • Southern Cristhian leadership conference

    Southern Cristhian leadership conference
    Started after bus boycott to organized a protest. MLK elected president of it they organized nonviolent protest and they still exist today
  • Little Rock 9

    Little Rock 9
    Alabama literacy test
    Seperate schools, rail cars, water fountain or social relations
    - punishment/protest
    Interview counseled trained
    Careful and critical examination of someone
  • greensboro, Sit in

    greensboro, Sit in
    4 college students sat down at a lunch counter at Woolworth to be served. they were refused service continued to sit in and others joined the protest spread to other towns. forced change
  • Student nonviolent coordinating committee

    Student nonviolent coordinating committee
    Youth group of the students remained fiercely independent of MKL and SCLC generating their own project and strategies. The two organizations worked side by side though out the early years of the civil rights movement. This group was the secound half of the freedom riders and were part of the March to Selma
  • Freedom riders

    Freedom riders
    2 week bus trip to the Deep South. The goal was to challenge the Jim Crow laws. It was organized by core. The riders faced opposition from the KKK and southern whites
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    For jobs and freedom was to advocate for the civil and economic rights of African Americans. 250,000 people were in attendance at his i have a dream speech 70-80% of marchers were black
  • Civil rights act of 1964

    Civil rights act of 1964
    Can not be refused service forbids employers and labor unions to discriminar against any person on grounds of race color religion sex physical disability or age in a job related matters
  • March on Selma

    March on Selma
    600 students March from Selma to Montgomery Alabama to get their right to Vote they walked 54miles and were stopped at the bridge. Seen on national television. LbJ order the passage of 1965 voting right law
  • Voting rights of 1965

    Voting rights of 1965
    One of the most comprehensive pieces of legislation in U.S. history blacks were resistering to vote and being elected ti public office