Civil rights

Civil Rights

  • civil war

    civil war
    600,000 people died during the civil war. To free the slaves from the southern states
  • 13th admendment

    13th admendment
    that slavery was charged has a crime.To abolish slavery through out the united states.
  • 15th amendment

    15th amendment
    That everyone had the right to vote no matter the race. Give the black their freedom
  • foundings of NAACP

    foundings of NAACP
    The nation oldest and biggest civil rights organization.campaigning for equal oppountiy and conducting voters moblization.
  • jackie Robinson

    jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson was the first african american base ball player. He retired in october 24 of 1972
  • Harlem Renissance

    Harlem Renissance
    Was a cultural that spanned through the 1920.At the time it was called the New Nergo movement.
  • Emmett till murder

    Emmett till murder
    in 1956 Emmett was brutally murdered by a white guy while visiting his relative. But the case was droped because the guy was white
  • Little Rock 9

    Little Rock 9
    little rock nine was where nine african american students involved in the desegration of little rock central high school
  • I have a dream speech

    I have a dream speech
    Delivered to 250000 civil rights supporter.From the steps of the lincon memoral.
  • martin luther king assassination

    martin luther king assassination
    martin luuther king died at the age of 39.James earl ray is who killed martin luther king jr.