Civil rights

  • Integration

    The U.S supreme court outlaws racial segregation in public schools. This ruling ended the five-year case of brown v board.
  • Emmet Tills Murder

    Emmet Tills Murder
    On August 28 1955 14 years, old emmet tills was brutally tortured and then murdered in Mississippi for whistling at a white woman. This event sparked the inspiration for many African Americans to join the civil rights movement in fear of something like that happening to them.
  • MIA Association

    MIA Association
    The MIA was formed by black ministers and community leaders in Montgomery Alabama. This was instrumental in guiding the Montgomery bus boycott. This was a successful campaign in bringing light to racial segregation in the south.
  • Southern Christian Leadership Conference

     Southern Christian Leadership Conference
    The SCLC was created in Atlanta Georgia by sixty black ministers and civil rights leaders. This was done as an attempt to replicate the successful bus boycotts in Montgomery. Martin Luther King Jr was appointed as the first president of this new group dedicated to abolishing segregation.
  • The Civil Rights act of 1957

    This new act established the civil rights section of the justice department. This empowered prosecutors to find court injunctions against interference with the right to vote. This was signed into law by President Eisenhower.
  • Greensboro Sit in

    Greensboro Sit in
    This was a peaceful protest where young African Americans staged a sit-in at a restaurant after being refused service. This spread to many colleges in the south and allowed for a lasting impact on segregation policies in Greensboro.
  • Albany Campaign

    Albany Campaign
    The formation of this campaign leads to mass demonstrations of nonviolent protests and sit-ins in Albany Georgia. This notably added student protestors and other African Americans of various backgrounds.
  • Integration of the University of Mississippi

    Riots erupted on the campus of the University of Mississippi where people protested the enrolment of James Meredith. The mass riots included 2 deaths and 300 injuries.
  • Birmingham Movement

    This was a massive riot in the south using violent means to stop the protestors. This all ended in the murder of three innocent girls.
  • Civil rights act

    This was a landmark civil rights law outlawing discrimination with race color religion and sex in labor. This act remains one of the most significant legislative achievements in American history.
  • Swann Vs Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools

    The supreme court of the united states upheld programs that sped up the integration in schools. The fourteenth amendment was violated in this case.
  • Shirley Chisholm Presidential Run

    In 1972 shirley chislom became the first black woman to run for the united states president. She was also the first woman to run in the democratic party.
  • Barbara Jordan's address at the democratic convention.

    She was the first African American woman to deliver a keynote speech to the national democratic convention. She retired from politics just three years later but her message still resonates with us today.
  • Hank Aaron's home run record.

    Atlanta braves star Hank Aaron breaks the home run record previously held by babe ruth. He became the new homerun champion of all time with 715 total.
  • University of California Regents vs. Bakke

    This court case was because of the violation of the fourteenth amendment. The University of California was using race as a part of its admission system.