Civil Rights


    The ANtional Association for The Advancement of Colored people is formed. This group would be the driving force behind all Civil Rights activists for blacks.
  • Desegregation of Military

    President Truman orders his secretary of defence to abolish segregation of the armed forces as soon as possible.
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    The supreme court decided that it was unconstitutional for blacks to segregated from white schools.
  • Refusal to move

    This is the historic day when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. She was arrested and became one of the most recognizable figures in civil rights for blacks.
  • Little Rock 9

    On this date nine African American students were escorted into Little Rock High School after segreagtionist groups and the national guard blockaided off the enterence. The students would be escourted by the 101st airborn to become the first African American Students at the school.
  • Malcom X meets castro

    Castro has a meeting with Malcom X after being impressed by his motivation for the advancement of Blacks in America.
  • Freedom Rider

    The first trip of the freedom rider started on this date from Washington DC. The goal of these bus rides was to enforce the federal ruling that segregation on interstate transportation was illegal.
  • Letter from Birmingham

    This was a letter wrinten by Martin Luther King while imprissoned in Birmingham jail after a peaceful protest.
  • I have a Dream

    Martin Luther King gives his famous i have a dream speach in Washington. This speech becomes the speech that defines the movement and is perhaps the most famous speech of all time.
  • Civil rights act of 1964

    This abolished major types of discrimination such as segreagtion and unequal voting restrictions.
  • Malcom X assasinated

    While giving a speech to the Organization of Afro-American Unity Malcom X is shot by a sawed off shotgun after it gets out of control.
  • Black Pathers Formed

    The black activist group the black panthers was formed on this date. The panthers would grow to have a radically pro black agenda.
  • Thurgood Marshal

    Thurgood Marshal takes office as a supreme court justice. Marshal becomes the first African American court justice.
  • Martin Luther King Assasinated

    Wartin Luther King is shot in the gaw while staying at a hotel. The assasination rings national outrage and ends the path of the most influential speaker of the Civil rights movement.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1968

    This banned descrimination fro the dwelling of any minorities.