Civil Right Movements in the USA

Timeline created by Mike Oxlong
In History
  • Slavery for Black people

  • First steps

    Black people got the protection under the law and a right to vote
  • Segregation

    Black people are equal but separated
  • WW II

    Black people had to work at low wage jobs and were discouraged from joining the army
  • Order 8802

    Black people demonstrated in front of the white house and the president executed order 8802 which offered black people to get every job they want
  • End of segregation in the army

    President Truman executed the order 9981 which ended the segregation in the army and allowed black people to entry
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa parks denied to give a white person her seat which lead to her arresting and ended in a boycott of the bus system to stop segregation in public transport
  • Civil Rights Act

    This Law allowed all the black people to vote, signed by president Eisenhower
  • Freedom Riders

    A group of civil rights activists (black an white people) were attack by racists and police officers. More people identify with this group and they started to get bigger
  • March on Washington and Kings speech

    200.000 people start to march peacefully to demonstrate against the oppression from the white people and demanding for equality. On this day M.L.K gave his famous speech to the crowd
  • Bloody sunday

    Black people were demonstrating because of the police brutality against them and got beaten down by the alabama police
  • Malcoms and Kings Death

    Two leading personalities from the movement were killed by racist to stop the process of equality. First Malcom and three years later MLK
  • Voting rights

    A new law should bring more equality at voting
  • Fair Housing Act

    After Kings death the fair housing law became a sign against discrimination an should eliminate all segregation in the USA
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    Civil Right Movements In the Usa