Chinese Revolutionary Timeline

  • 5 Antis Campaign

    This was to target the Capitalist class and ensure that the Communist party was still the majority. This eliminated any threat to the communist party in China
  • Period: to

    The Great Leap Forward

    The Great Leap Forward was Mao's attempt to modernize China. This created commuens which made the poeple in them give up all their personal possetions so the whole commune can use it. Many workers during this period died or was injuried from work related accidents because they were working for a long time.
  • Period: to

    Split with the Soviet Union

    This was the worsening political and ideolgical ideas between the Peoples Republic of China and the USSR. China suggested peaceful ideas with the western powers while Russia was still having high tensions with the West. China also denonced Marxism as a product of revolutionist terrorism.
  • Social Education Movement

    This was the cleansing of politics, economy, organization, and ideology to improve the intelligence of peasants
  • Period: to

    Cultural Revolution

    People that wanted to change the way the government was run from a communism to a capitalism infiltrated the government and tried to change it. This led to uprisings of factions of people trying to change the government and was met with aresets, tortures, and kilings. After Mao's death, the last of the Maoist iseas were being thrown away and replaced with capitalist ideas.
  • Red Guards of Mao's Thoughts

    A group of students attended a university to annonce that they were the Red Gurads of Mao's Thoughts. This means that people still believed in his ideas.