Chinese Revolt, Revolution and Civil War Timeline

  • Republisc of China

    RePublic of china is created.
  • Sun Yat Sen

    the foremost pioneer of Republic of China.
  • Shanghai Massacre

    When the communist party of china uses military forces to kill of other opposing forces.
  • Chinese Civil War

    The chinese civil war begins.
  • Chang Kai- Shek and the nationalists party.

    Influential leader of the nationalists party.
  • Mao ZeDong

    1st chairman of the central commitee of the communist republic of china.
  • Peoples republic of china

    When the peoples republic of china is established
  • Republic of China Moves to Taiwan

  • The Great Leap Forward

    The great leap forward begins and changes china to a modern communist country.
  • Long March

    This was a great military retreat by the reed army.