Mao zedong

Chinese Civil War

  • Sun Yatsen

    Sun Yatsen
    The president of China in 1911 was Sun Yatsen. He supported democracy and a desent life for all of China. He was kicked out of office by a powerful general.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

  • The Communists

    The Communists
    The Communist were formed in 1921 by a group of young Chinese. They came together with the Nationalist to fight the foriegners and the warlords.
  • Nationalist

    Sun appointed Chiang Kai Shek to command the Nationalist army. Sun then died in 1925. Chiang brought China under his control.
  • Long March

    Long March
    Chiang moved against the Communists and killed most of their supporters. Mao Zedong became the leader of the Communists and gained support by the peasents. Chiang put out a campaign against the Communists and made them fled 6,000 miles to northwestern China.
  • Japanese Invasion

    Japanese Invasion
    While the Communists and the Nationalists were fighting Japan came into China. In 1937 they set out a war against China. Both parties joined forces to fight off the Japanese but they lost in 1945. They continued to fight their civil war.
  • Communist Victory

    Communist Victory
    The Nationalist were doing poorly in the Chinese Civil War even with support of the USA. The Communist had a lot of support from the Chinese people and treated their army well. This made the Communist win the Civil War in 1949. All of these events lead up to the government and condition China is in right now.