China's History

  • The 1srt Opium war

    The 1srt Opium war
    The first opium war is when china and England faught over whether or not Opium should be legalized. It started when Lin-Tse-Hsu wrote a letter to the queen of England concerning the fact that Opium was killing people but England was still selling it to them. This led to fighting between the two countries.
  • The Sino Japanese war

    The Sino Japanese war
    There was a war between china and japan primarilly over the controll of korea.
  • The boxer rebellion

    The boxer rebellion
    China did not like the idea of foriegn imperialism. Because of this China formed a group of people that fought the europeans. THe Europeans did not know what they were called so they gave them the name "Boxers."
  • The open door policy

    The open door policy
    The europeans forced China to leave thier doors open for trade and to do buisiness with other countries.
  • The communist party formed

    The communist party formed
    A communist party was formed, a few years later Mao Zedong became the leader of the communist.
  • The long march

    The long march
    This was when the communist retreated thier attack in a way. This gave china time to recover.
  • Nationalist flee to china

    Nationalist flee to china
    The communist were gaining so much power that that the nationalist had to flee to taiwan to be safe.
  • The great leap forward

    The great leap forward
    Mao forced china to work in factories to make metal. He thought that this would make china more productive but in reality all it did was just cause famines across China. It is estimated that over 30million people died because of starvation.
  • The cultural revolution

    The cultural revolution
    This was the peek of Mao's power he got kids to do things for him because they were the easiest to influence. He got them to write da-zai-bao about people and revolt against schools and any nationalist ideas.
  • President Nixon visits China

    President Nixon visits China
    President nixon hoped to improve the relationship between China and the U.S.A.
  • Mao dies

    Mao dies
    ...Its pretty much self explanitory, but, with Mao's death the cultural revolution died down too.
  • The Tiananmen square massacare

    The Tiananmen square massacare
    A student led protest that revealed deep political secrets. The millitary reacted and killed Thousands of people.