China's Historical Time line

By awilder
  • The Chinese Dynasty Collapses

    The Chinese Dynasty Collapses
    The chinese Dynasty collapsed in 1911. All family stopped giving power to the next generation in lead. There was a government started. And people were getting involved with family gifts that go on to the next and who ruled china.
  • Communist Party

     Communist Party
    1921 Mao Helped Form the communist party to get things organized and so that he could work his strategies to capture the control of China.
  • Chiang Kai-Shek

    Chiang Kai-Shek
    Mao's Hopes were shattered when Chiang Kai-Shek Became leader of china.
  • Chiangs Control Over China

    Chiangs Control Over China
    Chiang Kai-Shek used the communists support for his own filthy scheme an took over most of south china. Which worried the buisnessmen and the land owners. Chiang did not want the idea of taking the homes away from the wealthy and giving them to the peasants to get out there.
  • Mao Formed A Type Of Government

    Mao Formed A Type Of Government
    Mao formed a Government in Jiangxi that they called the Jiangxi Soviet. It was the opposite of the Nationalist. Mao wanted to create something that would be over ruling.
  • Chiangs Attack And The Long March

    Chiangs Attack And The Long March
    In 1934 Chiang planned an attack on the Jiangxi Soviet with with over half a million well armed men and war planes. In October 90,000 men that were on the communist side got back power and faught back at the nationalist creating the long march. This event is important because it kept communism alive. And ideas got around faster.
  • A Capturing And A Japanese Invasion

    A Capturing And A Japanese Invasion
    Chiang Kai-Shek was kidnapped by Young Marshal while he was off visiting an army base in the northern city called Xian. Chiangs kidnapping was known as the Xian incident. The only way he was to be let go is if he put his differences aside with the communists and helped fight the japanese in there invasion. He agreed and they made him chinas official leader .
  • Communist And Japanese Invasion

    Communist And Japanese Invasion
    If it wasnt for the Japanese Invasion the Communist would have been destroyed, The KMT and the CCP believed that China should be ruled by the chinese.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japanese attacked one of the American Naval bases at the Pearl Harbor. The fighting in China was Part of the World War 2 because of the weapons that were being brought into China by the Americans.
  • Atomic Bombs Dropped On Japan

    Atomic Bombs Dropped On Japan
    The U.S.A dropped atomic bombs on Japan. Once they noticed that we were more powerful at the time the Japanese Government and armies surrendered. Mao and Chiang faught over China. America was backing up Chiang and sending him supplies. Soon troops were taking over northern China.
  • Civil War Breaks Out

    Civil War Breaks Out
    A civil war had broken out. Chiang had the city area and the peasants had the country side. Peasants wanted to seize the the fact of getting rid of landlords. Maos peoples walked all over china being welcomed as Liberators. Facorties were being shut down because of poor electrical systems. Not only the communists were sick of Chiang but so were the city people. Even his own troops deserted him,
  • Mao's Defeat Over Chiang

    Mao's Defeat Over Chiang
    Chiang had fled to the island of Taiwan because he had realized thst he was already beaten. Mao and the Communists ruled china from there on. There was a Party to celebrate their courage as a liberation army.
  • Trial For Land Owners And Others

    Trial For Land Owners And Others
    Maos new goverment made a land reform law. Landlords all over were put on trial. Thousands of them were put to death. The land was passed down to the peasants like the idea was from the start. China became a farming land.
  • Support And Power

    Support And Power
    Mao felt that he was losing some support and power from people because of the small talk.
  • Apponents

    Mao started to lose power to Zhou Enali and Deng Ziaoping because of there smooth talk with the government he felt they were going to take everything he had worked so hard to make China happy.
  • Mao Dies

    Mao Dies
    Mao Zedong Dies