China Under Maos control

  • Moa delcares heaven

    Mao delcares the People's Republic of China at the Gate of heavenly peace in Bejing
  • Argarian Reform Law

    Mao passed the Argarian Reform law. This gave peasants land, andimals and machinery. Party officials of Maos went around to help the peasants get land. Landlords then feared their saftey. between 1949 and 1953 about 1 million landlords were executed for their wrong doing against the peasants. Peasants were being rewarded with land and machinery because of their devotion to the communist party.
  • Marriage Reform Law

    Forced Marrage became banned. The law was very the point and short all it said was "All marriages are to be based on the free consent of men and women".It was made much easier to get divorces. Selling women for prostitution and killing unwanted baby girls were banned as well.
  • Chairman

    The National Peoples Congress in China met up.Mao was nominated Chairman (President) of the congress.
  • Great Leap Forward

    Mao set the Great Leap Forward plan to industrialize China and increase agrigcultural production. This progam had large communes that had over 75,000 people working in the feilds. Every family got a small bit of the profits made as well as a portion of land.
  • Death Toll

    between 1959 and 1961 40million people had died of hunger. Maos communes had made great promise with the 75,000 people that had been working in the feilds but with years of floods there wasn't enough food to feed many people in China.
  • Cultural Revolution

    Mao sprung on the Cultural Revolution by gaining young peoples support because they wouldn't remeber his commune failure. As well as help him by telling them that people wanted capitalism back. These young people became the Red Guards to protect China from becoming capitalist. This event also put Mao back in full command.