china revolution

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    china revolution

  • The communist win

    The communist forces defeat the nationlist. The peoples rebublic of china is created by its new leader mao
  • The five year plan

    This event starts sometime in 1953
    The five year plan was a program that increase industry and agaculture production.
  • The great leap fprward

    This event started in sometime of 1958 and ended sometime in 1961

    It was an economic campaign that was aimed to changed china from an agrarian economy to a communist society
  • The split

    the split of china and the ussr happened gradually from 1960 to 1989 china split from the ussr because mao wanted china to be more independant
  • The culture revolution

    The culture revolution was a social movement led by Mao that wanted to get rid of all the outsiders to make a more perfect communist society. Mao gave the youth of china the responobility of turning in/reporting anyone not acting communist
  • Maos death

    The first communist leader of modern china died and the era of Deng Xiaoping