• Mao Zedong

    Mao founded the Republic of China.
  • Period: to


  • KMT forces retreat to Taiwan

  • New Marriage Laws

    New law bans polygamy and arranged marriages.
  • Korean War

  • Agriarian Reform Law

    the land of land lords and wealthy farmers is re-distributed to millions of peasants.
  • Five-Anti Campaign

    "The people must not be corrupt by capalist thinking." 5 antis- bribery, theft of state property, tax evasion, cheating on government contracts, and stealing state economic info.
  • Emergence of "Sino-Soviet Split"

  • Birth Control

    first mass mobilization for birth control has very little impact.
  • Anti- Rightist Campaign

    used by Mao to eliminate critical intellectuals.
  • Great Leap Forward

    triggers the largest famine in human history. 14 to 30 million casualties.
  • All land is collectivised

    farmers are organized into large People's Communes
  • 14th Dalai Lama

    head of the state for th Tibetan government.
  • Population growth peaks

    300 million babies are born
  • Socialist Education Campaign

    2 reasons- Mao's socialist dream of rural collectivation and the political rise of the party bureaucracy.
  • test of 1st nucleur bomb

  • Destruction of "The Four Olds"

    olod ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits.
  • Religion

    religious practice is condemned as feudalistic.
  • Cultural Revolution

    Red Guards and Authority grasped the power and drove China into severe confusion.
  • 1st satellite launch "Long March"

  • Maximum family size

    in cities allowed up to two children. in rural areas allowed 3 to 4 children
  • Mao died

  • Arrest of Gang of Four

  • Entrance examinations

    the national unified entrance examinations for universities is re-introduced.
  • Deng Xiaping

    wins the power struggle after Mao's death.
  • The 1978 Constitution of the Peoples Republic of China

    guarantees freedom of religion with a number of restrictions.
  • new "Birth Planning Small Leading Group"

    to strengthen family planning
  • "The Four Modernizations"

    goals to strengthen the feilds of agriculture, industry, national defense, and science and technology.
  • strict one child family planning

  • New Criminal Codes

    legally banning torture and physical punishment of suspects.
  • Cultural Fever

    intellectuals identify China's "feudal" traditions are reasons for backwardness.
  • open forced labor camps for re-education

  • Tiananmen Incident

    gathered to protest against central authority
  • waves of protest in rural areas, concern the government

  • start of the "Three Gorges Dam" project

  • Death of Deng Xiaoping

  • Project Yangtze

    provides special funds to leading researchers
  • intensified anti-corruption activist

  • U.S, grants China permanant normal trade relations

  • Falun Gong members stage mass demonstrations in Beijing

  • China becomes a member of the World Trade Organization

  • "Fourth Generation" leadership installed

  • China shoots down weather satellites

    to demonstrate capability of destroying hostile spy satellites.
  • Yahoo

    accused of having provided information that led to imprisonment of civil rights activist in China.
  • KMT returns to power

  • Chongqing gang trials

  • largest automoblie market in the world

  • China joins super computing elite

  • Elders criticize censorship

  • China unveiles its new J-20 stealth fighter