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    Timeline of the Demise of GMD, rise of CCP and Mao

  • Situation in August 1945

    Situation in August 1945
    When the Japanese surrendered, the CCP had a membership of 1.2 million (900000 of which are soldiers) and controled 19 base areas with a total population of 90 million. They however lacked both military conventional artillery and airforces. However Chiang was the legitimate leader of China as seen by the eyes of the great power, giving them a seat in UNSC. Chiang had 2.7 million soldiers and 39 divisions of well trained American troops under his authority. He also had 10 times the high-tech arms
  • George C Marshall arrives in China

    George C Marshall arrives in China
    In attempt to preserve peace and drive out the Russians from Manchuria, Truman dispatched George Marshall to China. In January 1946 a ceasefire was arranged by both sides. Chiang was forced to call a Political Consulative Conference to consider the future of China. A mixture of moderate GMDs, independents, and communists took control from Chiang, the USSR prepared to withdraw from Manchuria. However, Chiang was not determined to accept a parliamentary government and employs secret police.
  • PLA advances south

    PLA advances south
    PLA advances south in 1946 and then retreats then readvanced to take Mukden in 1948
  • GMD's assualt on CCP

    GMD's assualt on CCP
    Chiang's forces began an all out assualt on communists in the north. The USA was reluctant to help, however as threats of cutting aid were half hearted, Chiang continued with his plans. There was also growing anit-Americanism, the rape of a Chinese student by and American soldier in Dec 1946 further fueled the anti-imperialist sentiment. In January 1947, Marshall left to USA.
  • Situations in Manchuria

    Situations in Manchuria
    PLA (People's Liberation Army) troops and communist militia blew up the limking railways and deprived urban garrisons of supplies. In May 1947, Guerilla attacks were accompanied by full scale conventional assualt. The GMD's morales were falling.
  • Communist's All out assualt

    Communist's All out assualt
    In 1948, the Communists shifted fully to a policy of all-out assualt. In a effective campaign, Lin Biao destroyed much of the Nationalists armies in Manchuria in a 31 hour battle. Chiang ignored US advice to withdraw from Shen-Yang and Jinan which were isolated areas. He used all of his military budgets to supply the army espicially through the airforce.
  • Manchuria lost

    Manchuria lost
    In 1948, Manchuria was lost to the CCP and with it nearly a million of Chiang's best troops and vast amounts of his military budgets.
  • Chiang's final stand and Deng Xiaoping

    Chiang's final stand and Deng Xiaoping
    Chiang now attempted to make a stand near the crucial railway junction of Xuzhou. 600000 troops on both sides faced each other. Commanded by Zhu De the communists fought a classic positional battle relying on heavy artilery. The GMD was under the command of Chiang who incompetently chose to encamp in an area of conflict where they could be strike from 3 sides. The Communists also enjoyed the help of 2 million peasants mobilised by Deng. Battle lasted 65 days and militarily destroyed Chiang.
  • Lin Biao and Chiang

    Lin Biao and Chiang
    Lin Biao took the control of the isolated cities of Tianjin and then Beijing, whose general surrendered without putting up a fight. His troops joined the communists as did he. Chiang resigned as the president of China. The Communists insisted that war criminals including Chiang be punished
  • Nanking, Wuhan and Shanghai

    Nanking, Wuhan and Shanghai
    Nanking, Wuhan and Shanghai rapidly fell to the communists forces in April/May. Thereafter Lin Biao pressed south to Canton (Oct), and then turned to Xiamen. They have also disdained the imperialism of the old by firing on the British frigate Amethyst and beating back naval forces sent up the Yangtsu to help. By April, it have been calculated that a grain of rice cost 2500 Chinese dollars, 785400000 times greater than in 1937.
  • PRC proclaimed

    PRC proclaimed
    The Crowd proclaimed "Long live chairman Mao!!!"
  • The Chinese People have stood up

    The Chinese People have stood up
    Xiamen, the embarking point for GMD's retreat to Taiwan, in 1949 was finally captured away from the GMDs and the US fleets. China had been united and away from the hands of the foreigners, "The Chinese People have stood up" (Mao)