Childhood development timeline

Timeline created by Tsmith18
  • Birth

    I was born on June 22, 1995 7 pounds 6 ounces
  • Fine Motor Skills/ Infancy

    When I was 6 months old, I began using my fine motor skills. i use to have a rattle that I loved to shake and bang with.
  • Gross Motor Development

    I achieved my gross motor skills at 10 months old when i began walking
  • Emotional development/Infancy

    I remember when I was one years old, this lady named Ms. Kennedy used to keep me. She always said I was a good baby and never had any problems out of me. I would describe my temperament as an easy child.
  • Emotional development/Infancy

    I remember my parents telling me when I first started preschool, I had a hard time letting go of them because I didn't want them to leave me there. This let me know how securely attached i was to my parents.
  • Cognitive Development/Early Childhood

    I started grade school at South Hampton Elementary School. From then on my teachers helped me with my language acquisition.
  • Cognitive Development/Early Childhood,Mid Childhood or Adolescence

    When I graduated kindergarten, I won a lot of academic awards. My parents were so proud of me and I remember being labeled "smart". At the time I thought intelligence as something positive that could take me a long way in life. It made me feel good about myself to be considered smart and intelligent.
  • Cognitive development/Preoperational

    I remember when I was about 7 years old, I had such a big imagination. I used to play with dolls and make up these stories about their lives. I used to used objects around my house as theri homes or beds, For example I used an old basket as a queen size bed for my dolls and i put a pillow and blanket inside to make it look like a real bed.
  • Physical Development/Childhood

    In elementary school we used to exercise almost everyday. During P.E., we would play dodge ball or kickball, so that basically is how I got my physical exercise. I also became a cheerleader when I was in the 4th grade at my elementary school.
  • Emotional Development

    When I graduated from Elementary School, I won an award for most friendly. My teachers and classmates always described me as a quiet friendly student.
  • Cognitive development/ Early Childhood

    I remember when I was five years old the thing that I was interested in was barbie. I had a whole collection of barbie dolls. I used to take good care of them by buying them clothes, washing their hair, etc. My mother even let me decorate my room with the theme BARBIE.
  • Emotional Development/ Early Childhood

    I entered puberty when I was in middle school. I would say I entered puberty later than my peers because most of them begin in elementary school.
  • Physical Development/ Adolescence

    Physical Development/ Adolescence
    When I was in High School, I made the Flag Team. During practice, we used to run laps around the gym and around the whole school. That is how I got my fair share of physical exercise.
  • Emotional Development/Adolescence

    In high school, I met a guy that I really like a lot. Although we agreed to just be friends, I do value the relationship we have developed as we have gotten older. Sternberg will describe my relationship with him as passionate because we share an intense physical attraction.
  • Emotional Development/ Early Adulthood

    Emotional Development/ Early Adulthood
    When I first left home for college at the University of North Alabama, I was very homesick. I have a very close relationship with my mother and my father so I am very attached to them. So by me being away took a huge toll on me my first year in college.
  • Physical Development/Adulthood

    As an adult, I'm not really a big fan of exercise. When I attended the University of North Alabama, me and my friends tried to attend the gym regularly and we used to go to Zumba classes that took on campus at our school's gym.
  • Emotional Development/ Early Adulthood

    Me and my boyfriend began dating in February of last year. So far we have been in committed relationship and I would say commitment is the most appropriate for a relationship now according to Sternberg.