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  • Atlanta Braves

    Atlanta Braves
    Ivan Allen helped construct the stadium. The team started in Boston, Massachusetts. They were originally called the Boston Braves. Then sold to Milwaukee and then finally Atlanta.
  • Benjamin Mays

    Benjamin Mays
    Benjamin Mays was former slave in 1974-1981. He served as the President of the Atlanta Board of Education from 1970-1981 called MoreHouse Collage. Dr. Martin Luther King graduated from the More House in Atlanta Georgia.
  • John Lewis

    John Lewis
    John was the also a Amerian politician. He was a U.S Representative of Georgia. He wsa a dean in Georgia congressional delegation.
  • Atlanta Halks

    Atlanta Halks
    The Atlanta Hawks is a professional basketball team in Atlanta Georgia. Kerner sold the Atlanta Hawks to Carl Sander. Their former Georgia stadium was Buffold Memorial Auditorium.
  • 1946 Governor's Race

    1946 Governor's Race
    They elected 3 other people in office in the state in Georgia.Eugene Talmadge died before his inauguration. Eugene Talmadge died so they elected "three governments controversy".
  • Herman Talmadge

    Herman Talmadge
    Herman Talmadge was a Democratic American Polition in Georgia. Talmadge was a Civil Rights legislator. He believed in white supremacy. Many white farmers voted for him during his election.
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Brown vs. Board of Education
    This was a landmark for whites and blacks during the civil rights movement. The U.S Supreme Court cases declared whites and blacks to go to the same schools together. This was the greatest court decisions .
  • 1956 State Flag

    1956 State Flag
    The Georgia State Flag was designed by Democrat John S. Bell. An Attorney who was a supporter of segregation also helped design the flag. It was retired in 2001.
  • Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

    Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
    Formed to give young blacks more power in the civil rights movement. Ella Baker set up the first meeting. This program encouraged members to make faster progress in the movement.
  • Sibley Commission

    Sibley Commission
    Headed by John Sibley. It was to desegregate the schools. This committee was in charge of getting feedback from Georgia State residents and reporting back to the governor.
  • Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter

    Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter
    The first black students to be admitted to the University of Georgia. They were went to UGA during the Civil Rights Movement. Holmes became a successful journalist after graduating from UGA.
  • The Albany Movement

    The Albany Movement
    A movement to desegregate a community and surrounding counties. Martin L. King Jr. was involved in the movement. It failed but later was a success in Birmingham.
  • 1964 Civil Rights Act

    1964 Civil Rights Act
    This Act ended segregation in public places and it banned discrimination for employment. It was one of the most important civil rights legislation. it made it easier for African Americans to get jobs.
  • Atlanta Falcons

    Atlanta Falcons
    Atlanta Falcons was founded by Ivan Allen counstucted the Atlanta- Fulton County Staduim. NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle gave ownership to Rankin M. Smith. The Atlant Falcon was the first professional team in Atlanta.
  • Lester Maddox

    Lester Maddox
    Mr. Maddox was a Governor of Georgia. He believed in segregation. He became popular as a restaurant owner when he refused to serve black customers.
  • The March on Washington

    The March on Washington
    Martin L. King Jr. most famous speech, I Have a Dream, was given on the March to Washington. was mainly focused on Jobs and Freedom of the African American people. Over 250,000 gathered for the March on Washington.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Martin Luther Jr. was a black man who was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the best civil rights spocksperson during the Movement. He was most famous for his best speeches, one of them "I had a dream".
  • William B. Hartsfield

    William B. Hartsfield
    William B. Hartsfeild baecame the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia in 1937. he is given credit of the idea of the natioal airport in Atlanta, georgia. He was also the mayor during the Civil rights movment.
  • Andrew Young

    Andrew Young
    Mr. Young was a civil rights activist and a close friend of Martin Luther King. He was also the first African American elected to congress. Under President Carter he served as Ambassador to the United Nations.
  • Maynard Jackson elected Mayor

    Maynard Jackson elected Mayor
    Mr. Jackson was the first African American elected mayor of Atlanta GA. Mr. Jackson was an attorney and a member of the democratic party. He also helped in bringng the 1996 Olympic Games to Atlanta.
  • Ivan Allen Jr.

    Ivan Allen Jr.
    Ivan Allen Jr. was a mayor of Atlanta from 1962-1970. He leaned the city with a ecomic era growth. He help the Atlanta throw the civial rights movement.
  • Period: to

    Jimmy Carter in Georgia

    President Carter is the only president from Georgia. He later ran against Ronald Reagan and lost. President Carter was the 2nd Georgian to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Period: to

    1996 Olympic Games

    often called the Centennial Olympic Games because of international sporting events. The Olympics drew in many tourist and made the economy go up in Atlanta. Billy Payne and Andrew Young (Atlanta Mayor) were the first to request Olympics be played in Atlanta.