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Chapters 1-11 Timeline (Jem Grows Up)

  • Chapter 1

    Jem, in Chapter 1, isn't a really grown up person. He thinks of liting a match on a turtle, which is kind of a childesh thing. Most people don't think of doing these things.
    Page 15
  • Chapter 2

    " Jem condescended to take me to school the first day, a job usually done by one's parents." Here Jem is semmingly starting to grow up. He is starting to care for his sister a little more, and do something nice.
    Page 17
  • Chapter 3

    In Chapter 3, near the beginning, Jem tells Scout to stop rubbing Walter Cunningham's nose into the dirt. Jem is growing up a little bit more here, because he is starting to look out for other people, as well as Scout, and himself.
    -Page 25
  • Chapter 4

    " When Jem came home he asked me where I got such a wad. I told him where I found it. "Dont eat things you find Scout."" In this passage, Jem is starting to grow up, and be more mature. He is looking out for his sister, and what she finds or eats, in this matter. He tells her not to eat the gum, because of the condition it's in and that she found it.
    - Page 37
  • Chapter 5

    In this chapter, Jem is growing up, by taking some chances. They aren't real mature chocies, but he is growing up but learning about dangerous things, like touching Mr. Radley's house, which is a bad idea. Even though he is told to not really do anything to disturb Mr. Radley, he pokes his house.
    -Page 53
  • Chapter 6

    In Chapter 6, Jem is, like Chapter 5, growing up in a way, that is dangerous. He is entering Mr. Radley's house, which like the previous chapter, is dangerous. If he gets caught, he will most likely be killed, which is a step ahead of growing up. He understands the consquences, which will lead to growth.
    -Page 58-59
  • Chapter 7

    In Chapter 7, for the most part, Jem stays perfectly silent. He doesn't talk or, speak of much. He is growing up in this chapter, because he must learn of the consquecnces for his actions, like when he got his pants back, and Atticus. To grow up, you must always face a struggle, this one being Jem's.
    -Page 66-67
  • Chapter 8

    "We shouldn't walk about in it." This is a qoute from Jem, when the snow is falling. In Maycomb, there is very little snow, and Jem is learning about preservation. Like the preservation of the snow, and without knowing it, he is growing up, and learning about things that are important, which in this case is the snow.
    -Page 73
  • Chapter 9

    In this chapter, I think that Jem is really starting to grow up. He, instead of the other children, ate with the adults at the dinner table. He has proven that he is grown up to the adults, and has a steady line of feeling towards, leaving childhood.
    -Page 93
  • Chapter 11

    In this chapter, Jem is becoming really mature, and grown-up. He had read to Mrs. Dubose, for an enitre month, and more. After doing something bad, he took responsiblity for his actions, and did the right thing, even though Mrs. Dubose said some mean things about Atticus.
    -Page 119, 121